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  1. Actually their linemen look bigger this year than recent past. As for a state championship, this team has the talent, they just have to find their heart and start playing with it. I will say that 2 years Danville will be a team that few teams will match up with if everyone in the soph. class keeps playing, they are loaded. Now for the matchup,,, I think that if Danville finds their heart and joy of playing they can win if not GRC's back will have a field day. My gut feeling is that Harp and the town of Danville have given this team a hard time of giving up and I don't think that we will see that again, so I will take Danville in a close one 29-28.
  2. Thats good for Bardstown. I think they ar both bright spots. I hate to hear that #42 will be back hitting our back and disrupting our already disrupted offense! What is his height and weight?
  3. I thought that the game was poorly managed by Danville. You drive right down the field on the first drive going basically between the tackles. Then to start the second drive you try to go outside....get a holding call and bam there goes your night till 8 minutes to go in the game when you figure out you can pass. It amazed me that Danville tried to get outside on a faster team. It seems as if they try to get to fancy at times. Do what you do best! On another note......I saw no intensity till after #66 got the personal foul call. They should come out and stay intense from one snap to the next. Congrats to Bardstown....they showed up. I really like the Phillips kid. What year is he?
  4. Throw this question out........like they should throw out the spread option offense. This is ruining the NFL. Woodson is the better QB, this will show overtime. In 5 years Dixon will be a memory, Woodson will have an NFL job
  5. Granted Boyles wide outs dropped passes. But what about the turnovers by Danville. Had they not turned it over Boyle really didn't do much to stop them. I think really both sides played hard but sloppy! Danville did make some hits on the wide outs that could have attributed to the drops! Great job ADS keep it going!
  6. AS far off as it may seem...........What if UK has a good season of 8 wins or more..........and Woodson put up number like last year or even better.......would he be on the list or should he anyways?
  7. As many know, the top 50 isn't always as it says. Maybe he is maybe he isn't but I will say that he didn't impress me at all for the qb position. Maybe another position but for a qb last year he had no accuracy.
  8. UKPat has a good point. I think they will be better as well. No they won't lead the county in defensive catagories, but I think it will be an improved defense. I look at what they lost defensively with what replaces them and its only got to get better. Depth is getting better as well as overall talent. UK is not a top ten team yet, who knows if they ever will be??? I know UK will never meet up to UofL greatness;) but I mean I can live with that. On that note.........wasn't it Louisville who gave up alot of points to a South Florida team a couple of years ago!
  9. Just hoping I can attend this game!! I look for a great game......and what some may call an upset!
  10. Give me Danville 28-6. I justg don't think that MC has what it takes to compete with Danville. Yeah Danville will be young and inexperienced but I think they will be ready on Saturday!
  11. Just wondering if anyone could link me a schedule for the Boyle County girls soccer games for this fall?
  12. I thought that Grey last year had better football instincts than Witten did. Overall athleticism he has and the arm. I think he will do fine. I also believe that the ADS will be fine. I am very anxious to see what they can do. I like alot of their players, Simon at RB and Grey at QB and Macon back. Also Henderson at the other reciever and as usual you have suprise players. I am excited!!!
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