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  1. ... I wouldn't want to insult anyone's intelligence either TigerPride , but the "pooch" kick is a weapon used against a speedy return team. Most know that. The 2nd of the pooches did land 1 foot inside the the playing field, but was called out. Also the other 2 were were very close, but out. Also if those that do not know, our 1st punter was injured and could not punt the 2nd half. Our kicking game will be just fine...:thumb:
  2. I have probably over-looked it, but could someone tell me if SHS is @ home?...
  3. ... You and your info are wrong. SWHS does have a couple last week injurys, but they are not game stoppers. Adam White will be ready to go as will LB Zac Lovins. The offense will be ready and more than willing to offer up some "O" on the struggliung SL defense. Yes, we have had a few injurys and sickness, but I do not see that effecting the multi-faceted Warriors. We have faced 2 strong teams in Rockcastle and Danville and a meeting against SL may be just what the Warriors need to break out... :flame:
  4. It is my opinion that if Taylor County has continued to improve their program as as they have done the last 2 years I would think that the Jumpers will have their hands full. Before that TC was not a very good program and they were easily handled. But as TigerPride made mention they have been pretty tough the last 2 years. On the other hand, I feel that it is time that the Jumpers break out of the doldrums and start utilizing their great go-to-man John Cole. Their defense appeared to stiffen up quite a bit, which to me means they are jelling. In this one I pick my hometown SHS Jumpers by a sco
  5. .. On that one the big guy went up high and came down with it. Is that the one you are talking about swforever?..
  6. ...#21 Kodi Brooks impressed me with his tenacity against a much larger and lanky 6'6" #1. Our other corner Logan Ellis also defended well agaist the Admirals. It will be a better match-up this week size and speed-wize. Of course I see things through orange and blue glasses which makes me highly biased...
  7. If Boyle can contain the speed of Danville and match the size of #1(receiver) then they have a chance of defeating the Admirals. If Danville is able to minimize mistakes and fully utilize their weapons then it will be a long night for the Rebels. Coach Harp will have his troops ready. If Coach Pardue does or does not will be a major factor. After seeing Danville twice and their tremendous improvement from game #1 to game #2, I will have to give the nod to Danville. Alot of varietables in this contest and it will be a great game if to watch if mistakes are at a minimum...:thumb:
  8. South Laurel has scored 77 points in their first 2 games of the season. Needless to say that Warrior Defense will have it's hands full next Friday at the Reservation. Starting District play in this one and it is critical that the young Warriors pull it together for 4 quarters. We have showed signs of greatness only to falter in the 4th quarter. Youthful mistakes are popping up but we are learning from our mistakes. With all the talent we possess, I expect us to explode on someone and it could happen here in District play. The Warriors are not a giving up type team at all. It is merely a jellin
  9. ... Thank you so much for the Sportsmanship Code of Honor. That is what I like about you Danville folks. That is why my posts have been nothing but positive about Danville. Feel free to mingle a minute with us. We have several BGP posters and we are all about treating you folks with hospitality and utmost respect before and after the game. As you know we are not the type program that hates our opposition. We are there for all to have a GREAT time... Look ole Keemo up...
  10. What a pleasant, refreshing thread. No slamming, no snide remarks, and nothing but positive posting pro and con. This thread is exempilary of the 2 class schools and their programs. When we play it is always sad that someone has to lose. We are so proud of the persona and class that Coach Harp and his fine Staff signify. We hope to show that we are the same . Though we will be trying our harderst to defeat the fine Admiral team, win or lose we will be the perfect host, same as Danville has always extended to us. See ya' on the field...
  11. Tonight I witnessed a great Middle School game between Meece and Southern. Meece down 16-0 at halftime battled back to win in OT. A tremendous game to watch and I consider it was one of the best I have ever seen. Though my Warriors did not win they did play hard. A few mistakes for both teams. If any fan there did not get their moneys worth of excitement, they were not watching. Great coaching by both sides. The fans were great and here is hoping all had as much fun as ole Keemo...:thumb:
  12. A few defensive tweeks... TT is well...One lineman nursing a weak ankle... Team as a whole are ready as of tonights practice. One more hard practice (weds.) and then our ritual Thursday night run throughs, then it is Friday night football at it's best...See ya' on the field...
  13. We await your arrival. Your visit to the Reservation will be one you'll remember. As far as revenge goes, I do not know about that except we will try to never let that happen again. The Warriors are ready and awaiting. A fun night for all the SWHS Warrior Nation... See ya' on the field...:ylsuper:
  14. ... The game is at the Reservation with kick-off at 7:30...
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