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  1. "If I close my eyes and click my heels 3 times, when I open them the kid will have NOT REALLY JUST FUMBLED THE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  2. The Dragons had missed opportunities, but also had a clear touchdown ruled incomplete and a fumble run back nullified with no whistle, none, nada, then afterwards without a call, spotted at point of recovery and touchdown not counted. Hard to win a close game with this kind of thing going on.
  3. Class act by the Knox coach to allow the JVs to get some PT after this game was out of hand. The Canady kid is the real deal!
  4. Its no secret to anyone that Harlan is way overmatched physically with Knox Central. The Dragons are playing well, however and will score. Best outcome is the Dragons don't get discouraged, play till the last whistle and no one gets hurt for the playoffs. Knox 42-21.
  5. The Dragons gained a lot of confidence at Hazard last week, having played them within a touchdown for 3 full quarters. Usually 1 or 2 dimensional, Harlan has many weapons this year in the air as well as on the ground. Overbey had his coming out party after being on the injured list most of the season. Saragas is getting better and better in making things happen from his QB position. The D has really stepped up as well, thanks to some excellent adjustments of late. Excellent game planning by the coaches. Well deserved win!
  6. The Dragons are a young team with many question marks. Only time will tell. Many tough games, not the least of which is this opener against Corbin. Then close with Knox Central. Hazard is the team to beat in their District Class A, but Harlan should be competitive for the runner up spot again this year.
  7. Congratulations to a fine young man! Georgetown is getting one heck of a football player!
  8. Wow, congrats to the Dragons! I don't care how down Pikeville is, its tough to win on their field. Especially when you never have! The Green Team had to overcome mentally as well. Lets give the Dragons their due.
  9. Oh, and I doubt LC can handle the Bears. I'd say Bears by 3-4 touchdowns
  10. I listened on the radio, so I didn't see the game, but I got the impression that the guys got a little tired earlier than expected in the 3rd quarter, then woke up, can't do that against a Letcher. Overall sounded like a good 1st outing. As for depth, I'm not sure all the comments about depth are really accurate in some positions. I know Roberts plays both ways, anyone know who else does. Its surprising that anyone would have to, but I would guess its more about who learns the new system quicker than pure athleticism at this point. Again, I was surprised how well this team did, and they should be proud of not quitting.
  11. Final: Letcher Central 42 Harlan County Central 32 Great showing for a 1st game against a good, well coached 5A football team Thank ya, thank ya vera much..... put your tips in the Mason Jar, now what about my Dragons, guess I'll have to wait for Sports Overtime.....
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