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  1. From an outsiders point of view who rarely post in my many years....good luck in getting a coach. The same comments are made each time they hire a new football coach. The parents have to offer positive support to whoever gets the Job. Let the coaches do there job without looking over their shoulder of the AD. Most of all...have fun....life is way to short.
  2. Congrats to Mr. Dee..In my opinion this is a bigger award than All State. I don't think your uncle was named the Bluegrasspreps.com team. Good luck you will do great things in life.
  3. Can anyone confirm or deny "The Ville" has been in contact with them about a soon to be junior?????????
  4. 62 Your dad and your uncle taught you some great skills. Coach Turner has developed you. You made some amazing holes. ENJOY THE RIDE !
  5. we need a Plugin to get webcast from JC. Samething happened last year. Once someone provided it, everything was cool. I just called down to station and asked for Plugin. They transferred me to voice mail. HELP!
  6. will somebody please reset the switch at the station. no Applilation wireless for my kids unless i can hear the game.....PLEASE
  7. Can I get an AMEN. That was Priceless
  8. Jared was / is outstanding, but my vote goes to Roger Walz.
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