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  1. Our group of 8 left Flemingsburg at 2pm...got to the speedway exit around halfway of the race (9pm ish)...got gas at the BP across from the track and headed back home.
  2. I just wanted you to say Josh Harris deserved it, thanks.
  3. I don't want to deny the facts. Josh Harris is one the best football players I have ever laid eyes on. What's the problem?
  4. Me, the Mrs. and friends from Memphis will be there..It's our first trip to the Festival.
  5. The Pups are heading down this evening for the kids (5 & 1) first trip to the beach & our first Myrtle Trip. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm definitely up for some mermaids!
  6. I think it's interesting to know what's going to happen and see how it plays out. There have been quite a few times when I thought the spoilers were wrong but then someone (usually Russell) pulls a move and it's like WOAH!!!
  7. This is the Goddard Covered Bridge in Fleming County
  8. MCPapa...just got back from Lexington and travelled 68. Its clear thru to Paris...as for the Paris to Georgetown trip I don't know. Going to try to post a pic of the area close to Morehead WalMart from Sunday.
  9. Terrible possessions at the end of regulation and the first OT for Illinois. Turner is smooth but seems to not fair as well if a team makes him go left.
  10. Opening Round 1 Warren Central 1 Ballard 1 Christian Co. 1 Scott Co. 1 West Jessamine 1 Shelby Valley 1 Mason Co. 1 Knott Co. Central Semi-Finals 2. Ballard 2. Scott Co. 2. West Jessamine 2. Mason Co. Finals 3. Ballard 3. West Jessamine 2010 Sweet 16 State Champion West Jessamine 5 pts Tiebreaker 130
  11. Probably belongs in the other forum but for what it's worth, the 16th region girls played 1st round games at the district winners
  12. I had a local tire company price me a set of tires for $800. Went to a guy that has his own shop and he got me the same tires for $550.
  13. http://www.maysville-online.com/articles/2009/11/13/sports/doc4afcb8e32a36d783317364.txt More to it than wins and losses.
  14. Fleming Co. scored 50 and lost. By 24.:eek::confused:
  15. 3A without the Russellville-Webster Co. looks to be avg of 25 pts margin of victory
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