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  1. Hey let me tell you something about "HOMERS!" You have probably never even seen Ron Blume play! If you haven't you missed some great performances from this kid! Tell me one thing how many kids have you seen go on the road and have 22 carries for over 400 yds. against a team that was suppose to be better? Jimmy Chafin is a great player but let's go to one game Chafin and Blume can be compared and that is against Paintsville. Blume had over 300 yds. against the Tigers and Chafin although they said was hurt came in 2 times late in the game on 4th and short and got the first down!
  2. How can the guy who lead the state in rushing not make the team. Ron Blume deserves to be on this team! He lead in 3a by almost 500 yds total. I am honestly hurt by Ron not being named to the team. If any kid deserves it, Ron does! He would make the state proud and he would be a great player for this game.
  3. Hey guys does anyone have the results from yesterdays middle school state tournament?
  4. First off, Coach Matney has done a wonderful job at JCHS. He was hired to win ft. ball games and he is 15-6 in his first two seasons. What more could anyone ask for after suffering three seasons winning only 6 or 7 games? Second, this is not a basketball thread STICK! I will be one to admit that I would do anything for Les Trimble. He has always been the best to me. Matney and Trimble are not the same people. Les came into a program that was a gold mine and didn't get it done. Matney has came into a gold mine and done more than what many would have expected. Last, the Golden
  5. The whole fact of the matter is, ROCK is #1 in the region untill someone knocks them off in the playoffs in 06! I believe the 2nd best team comes down to Bell, Ashland, and JCHS! Untill one of the three beat them in nov. than they are the best.
  6. Ashland will be Ashland next season, nothing more, nothing less! They will be 1 or 2 in the district and come playoff time they will be tough as nails to beat! QB questions or not this team will hard to handle! It is Ashland and the Tomcats are always loaded. Good Luck this coming season and can't wait to see ya late in OCT.
  7. One great game I have witnessed was Ron Blume 420 + rushing, 7 TD performance against Boyd Co. This kid went "NUTS" The best I have seen had to come in The Apple Bowl! Mr. Blume rushed for over 300 yds. and set the Apple Bowl record for most rushing yds. in a game by over 100 yds.
  8. #20 Grim for JCHS will be a force. Ian Welch from JCHS will be a sleeper next season on both sides of the ball. Also watch for freshman Dillion who will make an impact in this district.
  9. Tacket and Johnson from JCHS will be one's to watch next season. They are tough and working hard in the weight room this winter. Both have started the last 21 games at LB and have a great core of DL returning to help them out.
  10. JCHS will be a force next season! Yes, Blume will not be replaced but you can replace him with a number of different people. Grim, Johnson, and Welch will pick up the pace in a dominant offence. The O will not miss a beat and the D will be better than ever with all the talent coming back. Watch out for the little Dillion who will be a freshman next season. He will have a huge impact on the team next season. The way I see it, JCHS will play Ashland again for the DC at home in the NEST!
  11. Another thing JCHS has no kids on the 3a team? This is crazy! I don't understand!
  12. This is my first post in a while but all I can say is "WOW" I am not disrespecting Chafins from LC but to be honest anyone who seen the Blume kid from JCHS would not argue that Blume is the best RB in the mountains! He was the leading rusher in the state and was the leading rusher in 3a by more than 700 yds. at over 10 yds a carry. Shame on the coaches that voted against Blume! This kid deserves that award! Note: I love the Chafins kid from LC and he is a great back but Blume is the best in east ky.
  13. 1. Ron Blume; JCHS 2. Chafin; Lynn Camp 3. Howard; leslie
  14. Blake Johnson is a BULL! He is a great FB if not the best in the Mountains! Throw in Grim with a little Dab of Blume (2000 yds. 20 + td's this season) and you have the best back filed in the mountains.
  15. Polls in all honesty don't mean a hill of beans. All that matters is who comes to play on friday night. In high school polls are really kind of nuts because you never know about high school ft. ball. All I can say is go out and take care of business if you are ranked where you want to be or not.
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