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  1. Hey, My Addidas and King James where are you at? You've been running your mouth all season about your mighty tigers and I've yet to hear from you. I would love to hear your perspective about the game or are you all out of words and excuses?
  2. According to Joe Taylor, who was one of the coaches when the Yankees was here, when Daryl Strawberry came to Paintsville to play they had a helicopter come in and drop strawberries onto the field. Joe Taylor moved to Paintville from Tampa, Flordia, to help coach the Yankees team. He liked it here so much that when the Yankees moved Joe decided to stay. Joe doesn't miss a Johnson Central game. He usually see him in the dugout or on the side of the field stretch out in a lawn chair. If you ever see him he can tell you some hilarious stories that hosea Rijo had done when he played in Paintsville.
  3. I probably would have done the same thing... Kyle took the Jersey almost completely off he had it around his arms..... FB will Kyle have to set out any games? If so how many isnt P-Ville coming up
  4. I was impressed with Starns he was jumping around telling the Fans to get up it was very impressive to see him that into the game i think his energy carries over to the team........
  5. Yes both Helton was ejected for throwing a punch Rice was ejected because he had a technical with the insident with Helton then he got made and took his jersey off they gave him another so he was ejected to...
  6. This was a great high energy game.... This had to be one of the biggest crowds i have ever seen at a game that wasnt the District or Regional Championship In tghe 57 distict.. And there is some big crowds for the JC paintsville games.... It was full to the top on both sides of the gym... It got a little wild when Helton Hit rice in the Head they both received Technicals then Rice got another for taking his Jersey off both got Ejected as Helton was leaving the floor he gave two big high finger toward Rice ... So uncalled for... He is a good player he has to keep his head and stay in the game if Magoffin is going to have a chance to win.. Magoffin is good and will not be an easy out come district time.... Tell me if im right Since Rice got Eject will he have to set out 2 games? I hope i am wrong... Any way good win Eagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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