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  1. If that's the case, he most certainly needs to take a look at them. There's nothing that can lead kids astray quicker than a youth league that has no ties to scholastic programs in the area. You get runaway coaches more worried about double reverses and defensive schemes than teaching the basics.
  2. The facility is an amazing facility. The community and staff did a great job with it. It is something to be proud of.
  3. Love Maddox, very strong guy and with incredible leadership in the weight room. Marshall Center is as good as any weight room in the Commonwealth, and Maddox (if you ever call him that is how he answers, Maddox). Have worked almost exclusively with him over the last few years, love what he does with the program. He gets great results. As for the weight room itself, there is some opportunity to set it up more efficiently; but again space isn't a factor for Trinity. The could put in all racks and open up a lot more room, but again his set up works perfect for his program. Ma
  4. Cov Cath's new facility is an "Olympic Sports" facility. Basketball has their facility in the gym. They plan to set up a facility for all other sports and give the existing weight room to football only. It's based on a collegiate model for facility use. Rather smart actually.
  5. Massillon Washington, Canton McKinley and Badin HS
  6. There are some real nice weight rooms out there in the Commonwealth, but what you have to figure is what defines a great weight room. a weight room to train athletes needs to be simple and efficient. It needs to compliment the training protocols of the teams it supports. For instance, someone said have you need Moellers' weight room. It is a great looking facility, but it is not set up to really train it's ahtletes well. Too many Hammer Strength pieces, not enough racks. This isn't an opinion, this is a statement from many of the coaches at the school. The two best facilit
  7. Are the heights and weights listed correct?? Was on Scout and they had Austin from a combine last year as 6'0 (which young men do grow), 175 and timed at a 4.65. From what I've seen he is much taller, bigger and faster than those figures. I think those others (Roller, Grubbs, Welz and Bardo) will definitely garner some attention from D-1 Schools. Roller is real athletic and and knows the game. Should be an interesting year for the 2010 recruiting class at HHS. Bardo is the one that piques my interest. With his speed and frame, put a RS on him and show him the weight room (HHS's
  8. Any of those games would be great. Reno at Steubenville is having some real problems setting up non-league games. Had the opportunity to speak with him about two months ago about a Highlands match-up and he was all for it, but they need home games non-league. For those who don't know about The Big Red, their stadium is probably one of the greatest in Ohio. Not the same size as others, but just about perfect for a high school game. Coach Ginn is in the same boat, they have problems scheduling games and would truly consider offers. They are much more apt to travel based on the busi
  9. Here's the thing, if you are an exceptional talent you will be found. There are large amounts of money available to the BCS level schools. Now there is over 350 other schools w/ athletic scholarships available at the I-AA/II level. These schools don't have the budgets to find talent like the BCS level schools, not even close. The biggest void for players in the Commonwealth is Division II scholarships offered. Lacking a traditional D-II program in the Commonwealth really hurts the awareness of what D-II is about (granted KY Weslalyn [non-scholarship] and Kentucky State [schol
  10. NCF that avatar looks an awful lot like Grove City's helmets. How is Denison going to be this year?? One of my college teammates is a coach there and hope they do well.
  11. Remove all the emotions and realize that if those kids go to other schools their parents tax money still contributed to the field and it's maintenance.
  12. Marty's speed would have been better now than it was at the time of his draft. With the new emphasis on speed training w/ Strength and Conditioning Coaches that would have been available to him I would guess that he would have done a bit better (though I don't know what his 40 yd. time was then). There is a whole cottage industry of programs that only focus on combine prep that he could have used to ready himself for the combine. 40 yd dash times across the board have dropped and that is not because the human speed genome has evolved but due to the science of speed and strength training.
  13. Marty would have still been Mr. Irrelevant if he was drafted today, NFL draft has had seven rounds since the year Marty was drafted (1994). Never heard if this was true or not, but rumor has it that the University of Florida used to show video highlights of Marty's open field tackling as a "how-to" lesson. The best thing about Marty wasn't talent, but the type of guy he is. You will not find a more humble and class person than Marty.
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