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  1. I didn’t want to go there; the blatant recruiting of French Scrabble players is a very touchy subject within the public / private debate at the moment.
  2. Nice Catch, ('01,'02,'03) I forgot to put them down. The Overall Total is still Correct 135-57
  3. I agree 100% lets get back to the thread... ...But before we do; did you not watch the Olympics this year? Swimmers are some of the most in shape athletes in the world. As far as the KHSAA is concerned there is a big difference between KHSAA sponsored sports and Club Sports. Besides look at the number 2 Swimming program in the State 2 of the last 3 years. Don’t dis the aqua pebbles. Also, if you are going to bring it up, lets have our facts straight. These are the Sponsored KHSAA Sports with the number of Team Titles Overall. Baseball – X-5 T-0 (X #3 Program in KHSAA / T - ) Basketball – X-4 T-0 (X #4 Program in KHSAA / T - ) Cross Country – X-16 T-17 (T #1 Program in KHSAA / X #2 ) Football – X-11 T-18 (T #1 Program in KHSAA / X #3 ) Golf – X-17 T-6 (X #1 Program in KHSAA / T #4 ) Soccer – X-9 T-2 (X #2 Program in KHSAA / T #6 ) Swimming – X-44 T-4 (X #1 Program in KHSAA / T #4 ) Tennis – X-17 T-5 (X #1 Program in KHSAA / T #2 ) Track – X-10 T-3 (X #4 Program in KHSAA / T #13 ) Wrestling- X-2 T-2 (X #6 Program in KHSAA / T #10 ) Total State Championships St.X-135 Trinity-57 If you were wondering; since Trinity opened its doors the Total is St. X-118 Trinity 57 X has a much longer history than Trinity so lets put things in perspective. Over the last 10 years. 1998 to present. Baseball – X-0 T-0 Basketball – X-0 T-0 Cross Country – X- 3 (’99,’01,’05) T-1 (‘03 ) Football – X-2 (’99,’04) T-6 (’01,’02,’03,’05,’06,’07) Golf – X-5 (’99,’01,’02,’04,’08) T-1 (‘03 ) Soccer – X-5 (’00,’02,’03,’07,’08) T-0 Swimming – X-10 (’99-’08) T-0 Tennis – X-8 (’98,’99,’00,’01,’02,’04,’05,‘07) T-1 (‘06 ) Track – X-0 T-2 (’05,’06 ) Wrestling- X-2 (’98,’01 ) T-0 Total State Championships St. X-35 Trinity-11 Bottom Line – Very Impressive Numbers for both Schools
  4. Congratulations to St. Xavier All American Maclin Simpson who signed with the Ohio State University yesterday. Maclin will lead the TigerSharks against arguably the toughest schedule in the country this year. X is ranked #5 in the Nation and will Swim against the defending National Champions Baylor School in Chattanooga next weekend, #2 Cincinnati St. Xavier in early January and Omaha Creighton Prep the #8 team in the country on Senior night in late January.
  5. Swimming is different story. The National Rankings and National Championships are very accurate. NISCA, a swimming governing body, takes all State Championship Meet results and compares them to each other. Each school is allowed 3 entries in each event and two relays. All Swim Meets are held at the same distance and under the same rules and conditions so you can compare each team.
  6. St. X / St. X Meet Results Louisville St. X had some great Swims today and was winning the Meet after half of the Events but the depth of Cincy St. X took over and the Bombers pulled out the victory by a comfortable margin. I believe both Teams will easily repeat as State Champions and continue the St. X dominance in the sport of Swimming.
  7. Clark’s fellow TigerSharks will Swim against the Number 1 Ranked Team in the United States Today at U of L. Cincinnati St. Xavier, the defending Ohio State Champions who also had one of their swimmers make the U.S. Junior National Team will take on the TigerSharks. It should be a great meet, two top 10 National Ranked Programs, with a meet that really started several days ago on the far side of the world between Clark and the Cincy Swimmer. - Go TigerSharks Beat St. X -
  8. We have traveled and competed in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan & Tennessee over the last couple years and it is unbelievable the difference in attitude towards “Olympic Sports” in those states compared to here in Kentucky. The atmosphere is great and the facilities are top of the line. I don’t think what you have brought up is any thing against the sport of Swimming in this state, I think that the state as a whole has a difficult time competing against the likes of Ohio & Indiana so we pick one or two sports and focus entirely on them, neglecting the advancement and achievements of some very good athletes and programs in our own backyard. One thing is for sure, the true Kings of the Bluegrass on a talent and National Achievement level are not Football, Basketball & Baseball. There are always rare exceptions but our top teams in those sports would not be able to compete on a national level. On the other hand take our top Volleyball, Swimming, Tennis & Golf programs, they are right up there with the very best, California, Florida, Texas, Ohio, etc. Another thing to look at is the number of division one athletes that come out of Kentucky from those sports, those statistics alone will make this statement even greater. By the way we got to see Cov Cath earlier this year and they have a very some very solid swimmers.
  9. Playing IRONMAN Football against St. X, Is that a good idea? It will be a very long 4th quarter for the Rocks. I sure hope the score board has enough lights for all of those Tiger Points.
  10. No. we got it from a real hero. Although he won't be attending this one in person, I promise he will be listing on the internet. Thanks Mr. Meredith for all that you do & Go Tigers! Never too far for a son's game
  11. It seems interesting to me that with all of this recruiting going on I don’t see but 1 or 2 private school players on anybody’s list. Just an observation.
  12. If I remember correctly, last year not all of the gates were open and some were only half staffed. You would think with all of the money the Rocks & Tigers are going to bring to the KHSAA on Friday that they could afford to open and staff all of the gates. For all of you public school fans out there; Don't forget, that’s a great deal of money that your State Athletic Association may not see in a year or two.
  13. I think that would be a good game. Iroquois beat Atherton 28 to 0 on August 26, and I know Atherton has been waiting for the rematch.
  14. "You can't make turnovers and win games,'' Henry Clay coach Sam Simpson said. "Our kids kept fighting. We were only two scores away (24-13), then made a turnover. It's hard to let this one go.'' Senn also intercepted a pass by Henry Clay quarterback Salin Simpson in the end zone to halt a Blue Devil threat that had reached the Trinity 25. 3 fumbles & 1 interception all deep in Trinity territory. Those Henry Clay turnovers sure didn’t hurt the Rocks.
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