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  1. I saw you and gabby on their website and was cracking up! You look like your prepping for a final.
  2. Havent been yet, but will be heading to the levee this week and will check it out.
  3. There is another 40 that have been approved and not yet broke ground on. The housing bubble pop, slowed if not stopped the sub division madness. Kenton County seriously needs to consider another High School soon, SK is WAY overcrowded as it is...
  4. Spring. Track and Baseball coaches hate it because it robs them of talented athletes who want to play a real sport:p
  5. My little ones are still toddlers, but they do have lax sticks already! I do follow the Warriors on FB. And I will be trying to get my middle aged butt into a box league once again..... getting old sucks.
  6. I will not send my sons to play for them. I am currently in the house hunting process, and BCHS district is not an option. It is sad as I am very proud of my days there, but the program is not evolving, and if your not moving forward, your moving backwards.
  7. Well I hope so at any rate. I played club in hs and college and have two little ones who I expect will want to as well. I pray that Ryle or Cooper will have a program in place by the time they are old enough. If not, CCH or crossing the river is an option.
  8. Maybe, we probably will never know as Boone County and Ryle generally do not play 1A and 2A schools. Boone will still be a better team than most after they lose to CCH and Male in the next two weeks, and Ryle is a better program for playing and losing to DeSales and Colrain.
  9. I think Ryle has the hardest schedule this year, that being said, I would take an 0-4 Boone County squad that has played serious competition over a 4-0 team that beaten a bunch of cupcakes.
  10. Simon Kenton had a run of bad teams back in the 90s as well. It was usually a battle of the winless in Kenton Co between them and Scott. Now they have great program going! So all these teams listed can at least know that it wont always be this way, and that they are building the foundation for the programs future.
  11. Hate to see talented young athletes make the wrong decision over and over again. At some point you just have to quit holding their hand and let them go. My guess is he will be D3 or NAIA sooner rather than later.
  12. I moved from EKY upnorth when I was still young. I took a lot of crap for my accent so I notice alot of little things that I think are funny. The one that I hear every day without fail is people add an "s" to the end of grocery store names, such as Kroger(s), Meijer(s) & Wal Mart(s)
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