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  1. Y'know I got thinking that you might like to see the W/L records of the remaing 8 teams heading into the 9th Region Tournament. This will not be presented in ranking form. That's still your job. 33rd Conner - (20-9) Cooper - (22-6) 34th Dixie Heights - (20-6) Lloyd Memorial - (21-7) 35th Covington Catholic - (25-4) Holy Cross - (20-9) 36th Highlands - (22-8) Newport - (9-18)
  2. In my haste this morning I spelled a word here in there in my native tongue of “Goofy” instead of English, so allow me to translate; Tieing = Tying Busines = Business Prevaild - Prevailed Squaker = Squeaker BTW you might’ve noticed that I did not rank the 8 teams heading into the 9th Region Tournament. Since we’re nearing the end of the season, I wanted to give all of you the privilege of doing that for a change. Perhaps there’s still that nagging issue of who is Number 2, but regardless, let’s hear how you guys would rank them. Feel free to rank all 20 teams in the 9th Region, or simply just the remaining 8 teams. Go!
  3. BluegrassPreps.com 9th Region Week 13: (District Tournament Wrap Up - Regional Tournament Preview) ...And then there were 8 It's Christmas time for Kentucky High School B-Ball fans. Junkies everywhere know exactly what I mean. We live for this time every year for the district, regional, and state tournament excitement like no other, and right here in the best state in the nation for it with its rich storied history. KENTUCKY!!! In Week 13 we saw in the 9th Region the 33rd, 34th, 35th, and 36th District tournaments play out with much excitement, and while things went "mostly" as predicted by "most", going into the tournies a fairly close 33rd District was in question, and while many thought that the top seeded Cooper Jaguars would be cutting down the nets, the Conner Cougars ended the night with scissors in hand with their 55-45 victory. Conner struck first knocking down shots, and playing with an intensity that Cooper could not manage to equal, and even with the Jags lockdown 'D', the Cougars took a commanding 30-17 lead into halftime. The Jags would not rollover, and started the second half on the back of 6'7" junior Caleb Brooks with an 11-1 run, tieing the game at 31 before the Cougars once again began to very slowly pull away behind the sharp shooting of Landen Hamilton and Ayden Lohr, and the reliable and powerful rebounding of Daniel Campbell and Alex Castrucci. This is the 3rd season in a row that Conner has been crowned the 33rd District Champs. Good luck to both teams next week in the 9th Region Tournament at the BB&T at NKU as we know that both district champs and runner-ups get to advance. 33rd District at Ryle: First Round on Monday, Feb. 21: Ryle 83, Heritage Academy 47 Semifinals on Wednesday, Feb 23: Conner 73, Boone County 62 Cooper 49, Ryle 33 Title Game on Friday, Feb. 25: Conner 55, Cooper 45 The 34th District tournament began with probably the most anticipated 2/3 seed game in the whole region with the Lloyd Juggernauts taking on the St. Henry Crusaders to see who would be playing in the 9th Region tournament, and who would be going home. St. Henry won the first regular season match 60-47, but when it counted most the Juggs took care of busines winning 68-55 with the chance to advance to the 34th District Championship game to face top seeded Dixie Heights where the Red Colonels prevailed as district champs 64-52 thanks to an all around balanced team effort lead by senior Keirnan Geraci who conneted on 20+ points, and big buy Billy Wogenstahl who guarded the paint. 34th District at Ludlow: First Round on Monday, Feb. 21: Ludlow 73, Villa Madonna 48 Semifinals on Wednesday, Feb. 23: Lloyd Memorial 68, St. Henry 55 Dixie Heights 84, Ludlow 43 Title Game on Friday, Feb. 25: Dixie Heights 64, Lloyd Memorial 52 The 35th District tourney went mostly as anticipated with top seeded Covington Catholic meeting 2nd seeded Holy Cross in the district championship game, and while the Colonels dominated the whole way, winnnig 96-57, the Indians put up a fight that by all accounts got pretty chippy with countless fouls called as well as a decent share of techinals served. For those keeping track of Jacob Meyer of Holy Cross, he conneted on 33 points even in the face of a very tough Colonels 'D'. 35th District at Holy Cross: Semifinals on Wednesday, Feb. 23: Holy Cross 85, Holmes 75 Covington Catholic 84, Beechwood 54 Title Game on Friday, Feb. 25: Covington Catholic 96, Holy Cross 57 The 36th District tourney began with the big question: Would NewCath Thoroughbreds avenge its regualar season loss to the Newport Wildcats, and make it to the 9th Region tournament despite a pretty challenging 10-18 season, or would the young Newport squad with a promising future get the Breds again. Newport prevaild in an exciting squaker 64-62 earning their way into 36th District Finals against the Highlands Bluebirds as well as into the 9th Region tournament for the 4th season in a row. The Birds became 36th District Champs beating the Wildcats 82-64. 36th District at Bellevue: First Round on Monday, Feb. 21: Dayton 76, Bellevue 46 Semifinals on Wednesday, Feb. 23: Newport 64, Newport Central Catholic 62 Highlands 100, Dayton 58 Title Game on Friday, Feb. 25: Highlands 82, Newport 64 9th Region Tournament Preview: Mathups & Schedule: While the Kentucky Sweet 16 is the cherry on top of each season, it's hard to top the excitement of regional tournament play. The brackets are now set, and personally I could not have asked for better, and more intriguing matchups. Let's take a look at the matchups. In the upper bracket that ensures that CovCath potentially will play two games against teams they didn't face in the regular season, right out of the gate we have a rematch of the Highlands Bluebirds vs. the Lloyd Juggernauts game, where in their regualar season contest the Juggs shocked the world and won 91-78 at a game played in Ft. Thomas. Can they do it again and advance, or will the Birds have their act together and keep their run alive with hopes to make it back to Rupp? In the 2nd game of Round 1 we have: Covington Catholic Colonels vs. The Cooper Jaguars It'll be a tall task for the Cooper Jags to take on the 5th rated tough as nails Colonels, but can their lockdown 'D' give the Colonels troubles? We didn't have chance of seeing this in the regular season, but the 9th Region fans will get the chance to see now! In the lower bracket in the 3rd First Round game we have the Dixie Heights Colonels vs The Newport Wildcats Can the young and talented Newport Wildcats squad beat Dixie, or will the Red Colonels' experience just be too much for them? In the 4th and final First Round game we have a rematch of Conner Cougars vs. Holy Cross Indians where in their regular season matchup the Cougars won 71-69. I expect to see another very exciting and close game! 9th Region Tournament Schedule @ BB&T Arena at NKU Quarterfinals - March 5th: Session 1 - 1:00, 2:30 Highlands vs. Lloyd at 1:00 Covington Catholic vs. Cooper at 2:30 Session 2 - 6:30, 8:00 Dixie vs. Newport at 6:30 Conner vs. Holy Cross at 8:00 Semifinals - March 6th Session 3 - 6:30, 8:00 Finals Session 4 - March 8th at 7:00 Good luck to all the teams!!!
  4. 2 scenarios: 1. Buy 4 tickets online for you, your wife and two kids, then all of sudden a family emergency pops up preventing your family from attending. You're out $28. 2. You plan to attend with your wife and two kids, and pay cash at the door, then all of the sudden a family emergency pops up preventing your family from attending. You're out $0.
  5. I'm glad the bracket turned out like it did. I couldn't ask for anything better!
  6. Ensures that CovCath plays teams that they didn't play in the regular season, and WOW, a rematch of Highlands and Lloyd! I'm loving these matchups!
  7. Conner are 33rd District Champs with a 55-45 win over Cooper. I had the Cougars winning by 8, 57-49, so I'm pretty happy that the results were pretty close to this.
  8. *Teams on this list with any losses are still undefeated against Kentucky competition. As of 2/24/22 there is only 1 undefeated team. Region 10 George Rogers Clark - (30-1)
  9. Starting 5: Billy Wogenstahl - Dixie, Jacob Meyer - Holy Cross, Landen Hamilton - Conner, Will Herald - Highlands, Quantez Calloway - Holmes 3 Reserves: Kiernan Geraci - Dixie Jeremiah Israel - Lloyd Zac Barth - Highlands Rounding out a Team of Ten: Caleb Brooks - Cooper Donovan Robinson - Ryle I broke my own rules a little.
  10. A friend of mine, and I were discussing in the form of a "What If?" the 9th Region put together an All-Star team to battle the almighty Covington Catholic Colonels, and if such a team could either give them a good game, or beat them. I have my ideas of who I'd have on that team, but for the sake of not taking the fun away from you, let's hear your starting 5, and up to 3 reserves for no more than 8 players. CovCath typically plays anywhere from 6-8 players, so you only get to select a total of 8. Go!!! (And feel free to add thoughts and comments regarding your picks)
  11. Conner beat Boone 73-63, so got that "winning by 10-12" prediction out of the way. Now let's see if my hunch of a Conner 33rd District Champs is spot on or not. I'm seeing the Cougars lighting it up from the 3 with some versatility of some inside action, even in the face of a tough Jags 'D', and while Cooper will try to keep the score low, which has worked with teams struggling to consistently score on them, the Cougars will just be too much because they do know how to score, and Cooper, while they once in a while can get hot from the 3, still it just won't be enough to overcome the Cougars. Cougars win 57-49.
  12. Peeking in from the curtain from 9th to the 10th, I'm seeing the Reed brothers create magic for the Big 'W'.
  13. I see a kid naturally reacting to being held like, "Get off of me!" The only real issue that I see here is the obvious overbearing hold.
  14. *Teams on this list with any losses are still undefeated against Kentucky competition. As of 2/22/22 there is only 1 undefeated team. Region 10 George Rogers Clark - (29-1)
  15. For having only played B-Ball for 3 years, it seems that he has adapted to the game quite well. Interesting profile video of Bol Kuir...
  16. In this his junior season, and leading the state with a 38.5 ppg average, 9th Region's Jacob Meyer of Holy Cross is 30 points away from being his team's all time leading scorer, and 38 points away from a 1000 point season. NIce Fox19 video highlight of him... https://www.fox19.com/video/2022/02/22/state-ment-season/?fbclid=IwAR2yzbeO-vXswBHr4XFS1ks8-ypJ7gmmcD7eM8tAUOORVmH49hRA9AeZ9Is
  17. Not everyday that you see a team add a 7’3” player just before tourney time. I imagine that they’re excited by the prospects, but how does this affect team chemistry when all of the sudden you abandon the strategy that you’ve been working on all season? Not trying to throw any shade, but since he can dunk without jumping, how doesn’t he score 40 points a game? Not sure how much playing time he got in the last 3 games, but he got 4, 11, 6 points respectively.
  18. Bol Kuir has played in the last 3 regular season games for Belfry, and will be playing in the 60th District games. He'll be in the game against Phelps (tonight) on Feb. 22 at 8:15.
  19. Awesome post @FrankNicodemus Thanks for sharing! If any others out there have been reflecting on this topic, when the words begin to come clearly to you what Kentucky High School Basketball means to you, lay it on us. We'd love to hear what you've go to say!
  20. I must admit @FrankNicodemus this post has cracked me up more than once. You sure have a colorful and humorous way of expressing yourself. I'm right there with you thinkng and KNOWING that the Birds are tough. They could easily be ranked Number 2, and have a valid chance to prove it before season's end. Honestly it would be no surprise at all it they did end up there. Number 1 as we know will take some doings, but in postseason play anything is possible. This is hands down my favoirte time of the year, and even more than Chirstmas. The fun and excitement of Kentucky High School basketball districts, regionals, and then the revered Sweet 16 is deeply rooted in my childhood, and obviously for me with an big emphasis on the 9th Region. When you see guys playing their guts out like their lives depended on it, and doing remarkable things in the face of tall odds you just can't help but to get the goosebumps, and deep emotions that come with it. Who can't get behind seeing the excellence and talent just taken to the off the charts level of never say die? I live for that thrill, and I know that I'm speaking for everyone else out here as to what this time of the season means to them. No, I take that back, I'd love to hear from all of you what this time of the season means to you. We all have our stories and memories as to how, and when our love of Kentucky High School Basketball permenanty bled into our souls. For me, with an older brother, where he and I both attended Covington Catholic, my childhood was loaded with excitement about the Colonels, and my brother was right there when they won region 5 years in a row in the late 60's, and early 70's. I was 10 years younger than him, but it rubbed right off onto me as I was still in diapers. To this day it keeps us close as we attend games togehter, and he's never wavered from staying on board with keeping informed because it means as much to him as it does to me. I learned it from him. From CovCath at the top of the 9th, I also have a heavy dose of seeing many Covington Latin games because my next door neighbor played for them, and I always tagged along. It was tough to see them struggle, but the excitement was no less there, and because of them it helped me to learn the names of schools, mascots, colors etc, and that was truly a fun education. Latin oftem times played games away from the 9th, and at small schools in different regions outside of Northern Kentucky. I got doses of places and schools like Gallatin County, Augusta, St. Francis etc... where I had the excitement of these little road trips when I was about 11 years old. To this day I love it when the Trojans get that occasional win, and I keep an eye on them to see them every once in a while have sensationsal players like they have over the years with the likes of Jeff Stowers, Brian O'Connor, David Justice, and Mitchell Blewitt. My late grade school and early high school days were filled with the excitement of watching players like Dicky Beal and Doug Schloemer of Holmes. As a small tyke like at ages 8-10 I played on a team against Dicky Beal where I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that even back then he dominated every team in the league with his greatness, but it was undeniably exciting to watch him do his thing even if because of him we lost our games by crazy huge margins. The kid was dynamite, and seeing him take his greatness to the high school level was even more exciting, and seeing the Bulldogs and their great teams of that era, and the heartache of them losing in the Sweet 16 championship game because of an official missing an obvious goal tending call where Charles Hurt of Shelby County is on photos to prove it that no doubt his hand was right up there through the hoop. After many years of the Sweet 16, the 9th Region was still without a champioship win, and then came the Simon Kenton Pioneeres lead by the sharp shooting of Troy Mckinley as well as my own cousin Greg Ponzer as their point guard. The whole starting five were great! This was my junior year in high school in 1981, and the Regional final was CovCath with Don Turney who played at Marshall vs. Simon Kenton. Sure I had to swallow us losing to them, but I instantly got right behind them when they went "down state" as we Northern Kentuckians would say. I was glued to my a.m. radio listening to all of the games, and biting my nails as there were so many close games that could've gone either way, but Troy Mckinley would always find a way. What a sensational winner he was!. I remember the excitement of listening to their championship game against Mason County, and when it was apparent that finally we'd have a Sweet 16 victory in the 9th Region I was over the moon with excitement and emotions. After high school I'm embarrassed to admit that I was off and running with finding myself and starting my work career and social life, that I had some goofy idea that it would be "square" to be a hanger-on with high school stuff, so I wasn't paying much attention to it anymore. I sincerly regret that. Around 1999 a co-worker of mine who also loved 9th Region ball because he attended a 9th Region school discovered online khsaa.org and brought it to my attention. Seeing the scores, high school names, and schedules right before my eyes where I could easily keep track of it instantly brought back my interest. I had an easy way to stay in the know. I saw on the schedule that Highlands that night would be playing at Holmes when the Birds had Derek Smith and Jared Lorenzen as seniors. As I live near Holmes, this game was practically in my back yard. I attended, and it all came flooding back to me how much excitement I had been missing. I thought, "What in the heck have I been missing, this is awesome?!", and right then and there I was hooked. I began again connecting the dots back to my childhood because in the stands, and on the benches I'd see people and coaches from my past that made me feel like I had found home. I've been hooked ever since and the dot connecting with players, and coaches and the royal lineage of 9th Region legends remains with things like seeing Kenney Shields in the the stands watching his Birds play. That is just so cool. That 1999 season that I started paying attention again, I realized that I had never personally attended the Sweet 16, and thought that there was not time like the present to start. So 10 years in a row I attended the Sweet 16 with the last being when Holmes won it all in 2009. That's the season where they began broadcasting all of the games online, so from 2010 until now I've been staying home and watching online. That needs to stop, and I need to get back to Rupp. It feels like it's time. I regret not going last year when Highlands won it all. Still it's been incredibly fun to keep on top of things even if just from my living room watching online. Shortly after getting back into the game, doing searches online landed me on this website that I had never heard of before called Bluegrass Preps. What is this I wondered? These folks are talking my language. They're talking Kentucky High School Basketball. They're talking everything high school sports. Wow...I have to check this out! So around the year 2000 I did, and have been here ever since. It's really hard to believe that it's been 22 years. I saw different members posting hundreds if not thousands of posts. At first I felt overwhelmed as to how these people did this all day long, and how does everyone seem to know each other from all around the state? I noticed that they also posted in multiple other forums, and I initially thought, "Now I just can't be bothered to be wrapped up like like all day and night". Then little by little it began to happen to me. Maybe not as much as some others, but there was no mistakinging it, I was becoming a BGP junkie, and it's been truly an awesome thing to be apart of. I'm a lifer, and I wouldn't ever consider otherwise. I don't know how other message boards run around this country regarding High School sports, but I just feel that we have something unique and special here. @theguruhad a vision, and it's been an incredilby fun ride that I wonder if he even realized just what he was getting himself into when he first started all of this. It took on a life of its own it would seem, and as we all know, it's the Number 1 go-to for anyone interested in Kentucky High School Sports. Sorry for all of the dramatics, but.... Long live the 9th Region! Long live Kentucky High School Basketball! Long live the Sweet 16! (Don't anyone ever dare mess it up with seperate classes...LOL) ...And long live Bluegrass Preps!!! So that's my story, what's yours? Let's hear it. What does Kentucky High School Basketball mean to you? I've a hunch that just like me it's more than just the game itself, but everything that surrounds it, and all of your great memories. This is the time of the season that we can't really escape reflecting on it all, and who would want to? Postseason play in the 9th Region is my Heaven, tell us how it is for you?
  21. Yeah Conner is clicking real well right now, and while I see a lot of excitement in this game being a district tourny game that could help keep it close, I see Conner pulling away and winning by 10-12 points. It really wouldn't surprise me for them also to beat Cooper if they happpen to meet. I'm smellng the Cougars as being the 33rd District champs.
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