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  1. Feed is just perfect for half time activities. Hope it sticks around long enough to watch the 3rd Quarter. 😳
  2. I watched the whole 1st Quarter, but none of the 2nd because it won't load in. Hope this is not the norm for the whole tournemant.
  3. I've tossed it around in my mind who I think will win the Sweet 16, and with a few legit choices I've given up on trying to nail it down in an attempt to appear to be a genius. With that said, the thought that Warren Central is a dangerous team floating somewhere under the radar keeps circling around my head. Tall order of course to have to face Male right out of the gate, and sure as rain I could be way off, but can't help but to just go ahead, and go with my gut. Who knows, but with that choice I may end up sounding like a genius after all...or not.
  4. Thanks @The Professor for introducing all of the players to us that the Colonels will be going up against. I've watched a few Ashland games online this season and they are dynamite. This should really be an awesome game!
  5. BluegrassPreps.com 9th Region Tournament Finals Review and Sweet 16 Preview ...And then there was one. Unsurprisingly, the Covington Catholic Colonels reign supreme as the top team in the 9th Region by merit of beating The Dixie Heights Colonels in the 9th Region Tournament Finals this past Tuesday, March 8 at the BB&T Arena at NKU. For the entire season they remained at the top of the 9th Region rankings, as well as being in various spots within the Top 5 in the state. This would be the 14th 9th Region title for the Colonels overall, and the 6th under Scott Ruthsatz's tutelage during his tenure including 2 state titles in 2014, and 2018. In 2020 the Colonels were highly favored in the Sweet 16 that never was due to COVID. As is their due reward for winning the 9th Region, the Colonels will now enter the revered 100+ years old Kentucky Boys Sweet 16 at Rupp Arena in Lexington, and spend St. Patrick's day playing their first round game against Region 16's 3 ball phenoms, the Ashland Blazer Tomcats, a team that Covington Catholic lost to in Ashland on January 29th, 71-60. Game is scheduled as the nightcap game on the 2nd day of first round games at 8:30 PM. The Sweet 16 Tournament runs March 16-19, and now the tournament is back to having the semifinals on Saturday morning, and the Championship game on Saturday night after recently, a handful of years unpopularly holding the championship game on Sunday afternoons. While there are no foregone conclusions in the Sweet 16, The Colonels, if making it to the Saturday night Championship game will in 4 games have to potentially face 3 Top 5 teams in the state. The semifinals potentially have them facing the Male Bulldogs from Region 7, a team that they've already played twice this season where they split with CovCath winning the first contest during the King of the Bluegrass at Fairdale 68-56 where the Colonels went on to win the KOB Tournament, and then Male beat the Colonels on Jan 22 in Lousiville, 73-68. If the Colonels manage to make it to the finals, they'll likely have to face the Number 1 team in the state, the George Rogers Clark Cardinals (33-1) from Regoin 10 who have gone undefeated this season against Kentucky competition with one lone loss on December 19 during the King of the Bluegrass against Dorman from South Carolina, 59-57. The Colonels will bring to the Sweet 16 an undeniable strong, and fierce attack starting with junior guard Evan Ipsaro who is averaging 21.7 ppg, and is arguably the finest guard in the state. You'd be hard pressed to ever see Evan make a false move on the court where he is as sure handed, and lightening fast as you could ever want as your team's floor general. Ipsaro has gotten an offer from Cleveland State, but during his senior year he is expected to recieve many more D1 offers. To complement Ipsaro's greatness, the Colonels have what so many teams could only wish they had is a true big man in the paint in senior MIami of Ohio commit, 6'8" Mitchell Rylee who is averaging 16.5 ppg, and most likely holds some team, region, or state record for dunks in a season. The fans at Rupp will undoubtedly be treated to many more to the point that every time Rylee touches the ball they'll expect it. Both Ipsaro and Rylee, if the Colonels manage to win the Sweet 16, will quickly become household names around the state. To make matters worse for the Colonel's opponents, there's the powerful tight end looking 6'6" junior Chandler Starks who only helps other teams suffer more when trying to get a rebound. He sure is a load down low averaging nearly 10 ppg. To round out the starting five there is junior guard Kascyl McGillis who tops the team with 63 3's scored while averaging nearly 8 ppg, and sophomore Brasy Hussey averaging 6.5 ppg. Coming off the bench for the Colonel's reliable 6th man is James Wilson who averages 5.4 ppg. We'll likely also see some limited playing time minutes by the reliable likes of Noah Johnson, Ayden Link, and Colin Detzel. How we got here: Before getting ahead of ourselves, I would be remiss if I didn't first talk about the 9th Region Championship game that was held on Tuesday, March 8 at the BB&T Arena at NKU. The Covington Catholic Colonels, after beating first the Cooper Jaguars in a mostly close battle 49-37, and then the Lloyd Juggernauts who came at the Colonels with all their might only to lose 71-52, faced in the 9th Region Finals the Dixie Heights Colonels who first took care of business with the Newport Wildcats 51-37, then in a balanced attack beat the Jacob Meyer lead Holy Cross Indians 65-57. The Colonels served the Red Colonels their season ending loss, 59-43, sending them off with a very nice win/loss record of 22-7 in their very successful season. The final score does not indicate how close the game was until the game’s final three minutes. CovCath did not build a double-digit lead at 49-38 until the tournament’s most valuable player in 6-foot-8-inch senior Mitchell Rylee converted a three-point play on an assist from junior guard Evan Ipsaro with 2:02 left in the game. Rylee ended the night with a team, and overall game high of 25 points. Congratulations to the Dixie Heights Colonels on their sensational season, and good luck to their seniors Kiernan Geraci, Billy Wogenstahl, Logan Landers, Jay Flynn, and Pierce Rohlman. You've given the 9th Region fans a couple of years of varsity excellence, and you will be surely missed. 9th Region All-Tournament Team: Covington Catholic – Mitchell Rylee (MVP), Chandler Starks, Evan Ipsaro Dixie Heights – Kiernan Geraci, Jay Flynn Holy Cross – Jacob Meyer, Sam Gibson Lloyd Memorial – Ryan Davis, Garrett Vogelpohl Conner – Dalton Kramer Highlands – Will Herald Newport – Evan Snapp Cooper – Caleb Brooks For a super detailed layout of the 9th Region championship game, here's a very good and complete article from LinkNky (previously the River City News). https://linknky.com/sports/basketball/2022/03/09/covington-catholic-takes-battle-of-colonels-for-sixth-region-crown-in-nine-seasons/ Good luck to the Covington Catholic Colonels! We here in the 9th Region know that you will make us proud. You've got what it takes, and we hope that you bring the hardware home. Go now with the Crazies in tow, and woo the fans in the stands at Rupp Arena, and have the time of your life following your dreams of reigning supreme as the 2022 Kentucky Boys Sweet 16 Champs!!!
  6. I can’t speak for @kyrecruiter, but I’d go out on a limb that his comment was merely a blanket statement regarding how much Cooper gets to keep its core unit next season because they lose literally one senior from their roster to graduation. I doubt that there was any disrespect to Palmer intended. Not unusual at all each season that people look to the next season, and if the number of people graduating is significant, then people will say, “They lost a lot to graduation”, sorta like when St. Henry boys lost 10 players. No one was trying to disrespect the underclassmen on the Crusaders squad, just merely displaying a reality that at the beginning of the 2022 season, St. Henry would need to get the “next up” players some varsity experience. Not sure that kyrecruiter deserves to be ostracized for a comment that obviously was intended to express that the Lady Jags will have a lot of experience coming back next season.
  7. Congrats to the Jags for such a nice showing in their first ever Sweet 16! Nothing to hang their heads about. They did the 9th Region proud!
  8. I admire Cooper's patience, but at this point just play crazy ball, and jack up 3's and hope for a miracle.
  9. They must've tweaked it when they went for a break because it sounds ok now.
  10. I tried on a couple devices to make sure it wasn't any faultiness in my device, and the sound of this broadcast is awful. I wonder if someone will let them know to tweak it.
  11. Article from Linknky (previously the River City News) about the Championship game including the all tourney team. https://linknky.com/sports/basketball/2022/03/09/covington-catholic-takes-battle-of-colonels-for-sixth-region-crown-in-nine-seasons/
  12. Perhaps one team from the 30th can go to the 29th, and one team from the 32nd can go to the 31st, then the 29th would have 4 teams, the 30th would have 4 teams, the 31st would have 5 teams, and the 32nd would have 5 teams. Which of those 2 teams that would move would be related to where they are geographically, making a logical move where the team that is closet to the district is the one that moves to it. For example the one team in the 30th that is the most geographically close to the 29th District is the team that moves to the 29th District, and the one team from the 32nd that is the closest geographically to the 31st is the one team that moves to the 31st.
  13. Unfortuantely for Ashland, they had an undefeated record of 33-0 heading into the 2020 Sweet 16, but then the whole tournament was cancelled due to COVID. CovCath also was highly favored in the 2020 Sweet 16, but their dreams were dashed by COVID.
  14. NIce write-up @Colonels_Wear_Blue This should be an awesome first round game. Hope that you don't mind me pointing out that Highlands beat Ashland last season in the Semi's, and then beat Elizabethtown in the Finals.
  15. *Teams on this list with any losses are still undefeated against Kentucky competition. As of 3/9/22 there is only 1 undefeated team. Region 10 George Rogers Clark - (33-1)
  16. It’s also cool to note that Pikeville has Sweet 16 royalty as their head coach, Elisha Justice, who lead his Shelby Valley team to being the 2010 Sweet 16 Champs, who also went on to play at Louisville, and ending this college playing career at Pikeville College before becoming the head coach at Pikeville High School. That Shelby Valley team had Jason Booher as their head coach who helped to groom that year’s team from grade school on, and led a core unit of childhood friends to reach their dreams. If I’m not mistaken, that Shelby Valley team is the last small school team to have won the Sweet 16. Most small schools are happy to win the All ‘A’ Classic, which they also did that season, but they triumphed, and took all of the marbles with a 32-4 record, and beat a strong Ballard team in the finals 73-61. Go Panthers!
  17. 4th Region (I think that Warren Central wins as they are a very dangerous team right now), but my second choice would be the 16th between Ashland and Boyd. The 9th Region (the region I follow most closely) will play the winner of the 16th in the first round of the Sweet 16, so I'm eager to see who that will be. Whoever does come out of the 4th Region will have to play Male in the first round. Heavy duty matchup right out of the gate.
  18. *Teams on this list with any losses are still undefeated against Kentucky competition. As of 3/7/22 there is only 1 undefeated team. Region 10 George Rogers Clark - (32-1)
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