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  1. SK beats Walton in the first of their 3 wins tonight. Carter Bresser led SK with 25.
  2. Yes it was. It was a great game. SK played a solid game. Slowed down highlands scoring which is usually much higher than just 60 points. Big part of that was holding Barth and Herald to only a combined 18 points.
  3. Birds win on a 3 as time expires from Will Herald.
  4. These rankings are pretty solid to me. Ryan Davis is a huge loss for Lloyd. I’d have them in the 7-8 range if he was healthy but now that he is out I would agree with their current ranking.
  5. Oh ok thanks. I had heard of Chance because he’s played a lot of varsity. I’m familiar with most freshman who play up, I’m just not familiar with the kids who play freshman only.
  6. Not familiar with the freshman teams in Louisville. Do any of you guys know the top players on the teams in the tournament?
  7. Dynes had a triple double against Holmes. He had 11 blocks to go with the points and rebounds.
  8. If Dynes and Krohman play how they did tonight, and SK seniors play well and hit shots then I think it’ll go down to the wire.
  9. 2 are playing JV. One is currently injured but will be on JV when he returns so 3 kids were moved up.
  10. Simon Kenton with a good win over St. Henry. 6’4 Freshman Carter Bresser had 23. He’s 6’4 plays like a guard and a smooth jumper. Gonna be a really good player in the future.
  11. Yes it’s Joe’s son. If I’m not mistaken he attended St. Pius in middle school
  12. Beechwood 8th grader Cash Harney also played a very impressive game.
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