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  1. 20 - 14 Breds. Both teams had a slow start. Connor QB loves to scramble. Breds QB came alive in the second quarter. Welsch had a nice game. Runion is a beast as a kick returner. Breds defense played well in the second and 3rd quarters. Penalties were a problem for the Breds. Something that needs to be cleaned up. Easy to see the officiating was also pre-season.
  2. Newport Catholic/Conner Scrimmage, Predictions. Should be a good test to find out where each team is heading into the season.
  3. Will, someone please let me know where the Campbell County/Beechwood is being held and what time. Thanks.
  4. Who will the teams to watch in 1-A.? Players to watch. Who benefits based on strength of schedule for yearend playoffs?
  5. Who are the up-and-coming players in Northern Kentucky that will impact the upcoming football season? All classes.
  6. I don't disagree with the business side of the topic. The kick the can down the road always comes home to roost. Other than a couple of minor efforts to fix the problem, the stadium is in the same poor condition it was when our son played his games there in youth football and eventually in high school as their home field. My point is where do the youth teams, middle school and high school teams go to now because of poor oversight.
  7. How did we get this far off topic?
  8. I know it's a little early. Who are some up and coming young players to watch in Northern Kentucky?
  9. Sad news for Newport Football. Newport Catholic rents the field but considers it their home field. Both schools will be impacted financially. Loss of gate revenue and concession profits. I feel sorry for the players, especially the incoming seniors. They must feel like nomads. No place to call home. This situation may cause future football players and their parents to look at other schools. How the condition of the stadium was allowed to deteriorate to this point is beyond me. It's been a hazard for years. In my opinion portable stands would be viable until proper repairs could be completed. Stands could be placed on both sides on the track assuming the field is deemed to be playable.
  10. They have become a safety hazard over the years. I have heard they were considering moving games. not sure if this is true.
  11. Newport High School Football Stadium. Anyone know if there are planned improvements to the stands at Newport. Will they be ready before the start of the football season?
  12. Is there anywhere to see Northern Kentucky Freshman basketball results?
  13. Any site to watch film on Russellville other than Max preps. From what I can tell they look big and athletic in the skill positions. Best of luck to both teams this Friday.
  14. I know this has been debated before but why don't Brossart and Newport Catholic schedule each other. Seems like it potentially would help each with SOS based on their current schedules. Good luck to both teams on Friday. Northern Kentucky is well represented in the playoffs.
  15. Here is my 2 cents. NCC was overmatched in every phase of the game including the sidelines. Over the years when both teams played in 1-A the series had been a huge rivalry and played a role in the playoffs. NCC is a very young team. This is not an excuse. Last night came down to "Men playing Boys. NCC does not have the depth or experience of Beechwood. NCC has become very predictable on both sides of the ball. I don't take issue with the reserves scoring no mater who the team. I would never tell a player not to do their best. I do take issue with Beechwood coaching staff knowing that the game was well in hand before halftime and not calling off the dogs. This scenario will play out for the next several years due to player reclassification. The sad thing about last night is I think both teams suffered injuries. Good luck to both teams in the playoffs. As adults I would be embarrassed at the way some of you go at each other.
  16. With the weather forecast for Friday night is there any chance games would be pushed to Saturday knowing the playoffs are around the corner?
  17. Makes sense. Thanks for the feedback.
  18. Is there a reason so many games are now played on Thursday's. I know a shortage of Officials has been an issue but the schedule would have already been in place before the lack of Officials was known.
  19. NCC took care of business with 14 players on the team. Obviously most players went both ways. Strong running game. Great defense for the shutout. Very discipline team.
  20. JV game was rescheduled and play Monday night. Game was very competitive. Walton scored first on a long pass play to the corner of the end zone. Extra point failed. NCC scored twice on extended drives. Combination of short passes , quarterback runs, running game with good blocking up front. Walton scored late in the game to make the game very close. I left before the game was final but I assume no additional scores. NCC got a little dinged up with injuries. Hope to have everyone healthy and back for Friday's game against Holly Cross.
  21. Walton Verona Vs. Newport Central Catholic Prediction/Updates Walton comes into the game with a two game winning streak. NCC took one on the chin from a very good Roger Bacon. team. I think strength of schedule favors NCC. Should be a very interesting game. Hopefully NCC come away with some answers and starts to roll as they mover closer to district games. Good luck to both teams.
  22. Ouch. It got ugly quick. Roger Bacon controlled every aspect of the game. They started quick and kept the pedal down. Great team speed, good athletes, excellent game plan and well coached. NCC had no answers. On to Next week at Walton Verona. Hopefully NCC can find the answers.
  23. As Mr. Morgan states, the senior group on this team are true leaders on and off the field. They have taken the younger players under their wing and made them feel comfortable and part of the team. As the season progresses I think the younger players will contribute more each week. It's kind of fun to watch the Seniors working with the Freshmen group to show them the NCC right way of doing things.
  24. NCC got a hard fought win over Holmes last week. Not the prettiest game but a win is a win. Watched some tape on Roger Bacon but not enough to pick up their strengths or weakness. First home game for the Breds. Hoping for a good outcome that will build some momentum.
  25. Holmes vs. Newport Central Catholic Predictions/Updates Appears Holmes had a strong running game in week one. Will be interesting.
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