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  1. No HB I'm just speaking the truth. You should know that.
  2. Trying to do what Kentucky has done? Lol good thinking
  3. Change his tune? lol He loves football and is passionate about it. What's to change? He supports all sports in general. It would be a homerun hire for not only the Colonels but anybody. I'm glad you're not interested because the important folks are. Hang in there buddy you'll be on his bandwagon soon.
  4. Rusty Goble would be very solid as well. County has won 5 games since he left as OC. He’s a very good Offensive guy that has proven success at Christian County as a Coordinator.
  5. You left a big one out. The Defensive Coordinator at Hoptown. Dustin Lopez is a proven DC that kids love to play for and be around. I don't know if he will apply or not, but he would be my front runner. He has been doing Head Coach duties for almost 4 1/2 years now. He deserves to have his name next to the HC Title. If he were to get the Christian County Gig I believe that he would have that program going in the right direction.
  6. My opinion that would be an overrated hire. Id rather have a Lovelace type of guy around. Lovelace doesn't have an ego.
  7. If Allen was playing 20-30 minutes a game we would still be in the same spot.
  8. I get that but people didn't act like that with Willis or Hawkins. And lets be real both of those players were/are better than him.
  9. I think you're absolutely right. I just don't understand the fuss about Allen. Everyone acts like he's Jamal Murray or something. He's a project, who just came back from an ACL and Collarbone injury. Why can't he be a 4 year guy like Derek Willis was? He wasn't playing much his first two years, and he became a great role player
  10. Personally, I hope Askew, Brooks, Topping, Ware, Fletcher, and Mintz come back. If Allen is unhappy then leave. Everyone thinks Allen is this player dropped down from God, but he's just not ready yet. If he wants to stay and get better I am all for it but he's not there yet. I think he can be great one day with the time and work put in. If he was better than Boston he would play more. Honestly if Clarke was healthy he wouldn't even be brought up. I think Cal knows who can and can't play. He sees them in practice and how they are on and off the court. Ware has not played in 3 games but you don't hear anybody complaining about that. I like the recruiting class coming in and I think we add 2 more player. If not I like what we have next year.
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