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  1. Ashland hasn't won the region,but that might not be a good thing to wish for.
  2. Kid slid in have to allow playroom to come down. Maybe was grabbed also before that. Fouls were 4 to 1 most of second half in favor of west. Poor clock management cost them the game more than that shot
  3. Could have been a grab before the shot also.
  4. Ashland beats Boyd Co. 55-50 to go 22and 0. Second best start in school history.
  5. If they can win at East Carter Tuesday they will tie for 2nd best start in school history with the '61 state champ team. Nice streak but not the focus.
  6. Bc shoots 29 ft for the game to Ashland's 10
  7. It may be 1700 but I think they lost some seating when they added the chair backs. I think 1200 may be low. I'm pretty sure there was a game suspended 30 or 40 yrs ago due to the same thing
  8. Not sure , I'm guessing maybe 1200 will put it on here tomorrow. Largest crowd last nite since oj mayo was at rose hill. I know boyd used to say that they had a certain # and dicky had them counted
  9. Ashland up 30 at half. Russell coach to good to shake hands at start of game with the challenger league kids.
  10. I know a lot of officials and they think they never miss a call.
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