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  1. Lloyd playing without 3 Senior starters. Game was over before it started. Cody, Szabo quit. Point Guard rules ineligible. Coaching not good enough.
  2. Your facts are incorrect. I’d advise you know what your talking about before you talk negatively about kids.
  3. Cody was only out 1 game. He will be back.
  4. No. I have solid sources. Coaching is an issue with the program. This team should be top 5 in the region with this talent.
  5. The coach is flexing some “muscle.”
  6. This is the second time I’m asking as it’s the second time I’ve seen you print it. What is the path you see DIXIE making the regional tournament? They beat out either St Henry or Lloyd? I don’t see that
  7. Szabo is clearly the second best player in this team. Unfortunately the coach and him seem to have a “thing”. This has affected his playing time. I attend each of their games but have no family on the team.
  8. Curious the path for DIXIE getting to the Reguonao tourney? That would mean they beat out St Henry, Lloyd, and Ludlow, all much better teams.
  9. Don’t let it fool you is right, Lloyd scores 26 unanswered and dominated the second half. Newport has played 2 decent teams and been smoked by both.
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