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  1. It seems without paying fans the athletic departments will be in a similar financial issue whether they have the season or not. No tv revenue like college. Although the KHSAA will benefit from the championship games if fans allowed in larger venue. Obviously kids greatly benefit by getting back on the field again and not loosing one of only four years to play.
  2. Probably one of the most “under the radar” Sophomores in the state. #7 receiver in Class 4A and All-State Honorable Mention. 2
  3. Big loss to the program and to the school. Must be more to this.
  4. Based on the brackets I would guess the winner of LINCOLN/Pulaski will play Somerset in championship.
  5. How about listing any upsets in the District Tournaments in this thread?
  6. This is from a few years ago but nail meet hammer. You hit it right on the head. It is very clear in Lincoln County if you are multi sport athlete playing basketball you won’t see court ahead of kids solely dedicated to basketball. No telling how good football could be if you could get some of the basketball players to play football. They will tell you, though, they know they won’t get the same opportunity on the court if they play football. Hard to build a program and keep a coach in this scenario.
  7. Final from Garrard. Please edit the score in title. It was 65-31.
  8. Baylor Mattingly with 8 threes for Lincoln. 5 in first quarter.
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