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  1. He is doing a good job but is loosing the focus of the BOE. Too long winded.
  2. Exactly how we are doing it at work and have managed to keep 6,000 people employed and will likely have the best financial year in the Company’s history. A lot of bonus’ for people that need and deserve them. Take that COVID and the naysayers against allowing people to make a living OR play sports.
  3. My dad lives in Tennessee and said Saturday morning was like normal with the news carrying all the Friday night high school games. He said it was wonderful, normalcy.
  4. The outcry from citizens to let fall HIGHSCHOOL sports happen is amazing. Any decision to shut them down is a dictatorship at this point. I went to a great AAU tournament in Ohio this weekend with masks everywhere. My son hasn’t looked this energized and happy in months.
  5. In my opinion it shouldn’t. Probably turns out the fact we are not having live classes at the start of football helps the sport get going. College football was in pretty good shape until all the kids came back on campus.
  6. This should be a game changer when the Board of Control meets Thursday. Unless...you just don’t care about facts.
  7. Listened to David Buchanan, President of Coaches Association, on WPBK this morning and he is bullish on having the season. Indicated pushing back the start of in person classes actually helps having football. His interview was spot on in my opinion.
  8. I would absolutely play with fans at 30%-50% with masks. I don’t agree with pushing the start of live school back, but if anything that helps football. Big difference with a group of 50+ boys outside working out vs 100’s of kids socially interacting indoors.
  9. It seems without paying fans the athletic departments will be in a similar financial issue whether they have the season or not. No tv revenue like college. Although the KHSAA will benefit from the championship games if fans allowed in larger venue. Obviously kids greatly benefit by getting back on the field again and not loosing one of only four years to play.
  10. Probably one of the most “under the radar” Sophomores in the state. #7 receiver in Class 4A and All-State Honorable Mention. 2
  11. Big loss to the program and to the school. Must be more to this.
  12. Based on the brackets I would guess the winner of LINCOLN/Pulaski will play Somerset in championship.
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