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  1. Curious why do you ask? Do you disagree with the selections?
  2. I said this in an earlier post. I think a lot of that was a function of the game too. CCH was down about 8 going into the 4th quarter. They were forced to foul a lot since X was holding the ball.
  3. Like I said earlier, it's just my opinion. I never really like to talk about the officiating either way because there isn't anything you can do about it. I will say this....they are 2 great teams. CCH will make a long run in the State tournament I am sure, if not win it all.
  4. Yes, I did see it. I believe that was a function of the game too. CCH was down 8 points or so going into the 4th and had to foul a lot since X was holding the ball.
  5. Yes, I disagree on the officiating. It is more about the style of play to me. It's much more physical across the river for some reason. As a result, less fouls are called (both ways) in my opinion.
  6. Not a fan of blaming refs. 2 greats teams battled it out tonight. Great game.
  7. Stocks is an excellent player. Is he from a “feeder” school or did he come from a public school or Ohio? Just curious.....heck of a player.
  8. They are behind both Elder and St. Xavier in the Ohio state football rankings. Thank you. I was at the game last night. Great game from CCH.
  9. He is impressive. We might be seeing him on Sunday’s in the future.
  10. Yes, please don’t take me the wrong way. It was a great win. They really played well.
  11. Please don’t get me wrong it is a nice win. Sounds like CCH dominated. But to say #3 in Ohio.....personally I disagree.
  12. If it’s the biggest win ever then you haven’t had many big wins.
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