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  1. Sam Vinson had the biggest impact and the best stats in this tournament and was one possession away from winning it. Neil had zero points at halftime. They should change the name of the award to "most valuable player on the winning team". In 1969 Jerry West won finals MVP on the losing side, and in 2015 LeBron was a few votes shy of winning despite losing. Obviously a different league but there has been evidence of this occurring.
  2. I think you could argue Sam Vinson deserved 9th region MVP. They rarely ever give it to a player on the losing team but when you look up the true definition of valuable Vinson definitely fits that. Take Vinson off of Highlands where are they? Take Green off of CCH where are they? Just a thought. Congrats to Cov Cath!
  3. Sam Vinson is the most fun I’ve had watching a player in a very long time. He will be making money playing basketball one day.
  4. I expect Neil Green to have a monster game. I don’t see anybody that can match him physically and that has his size.
  5. Beechwood lost this game when Aiden Bieger left the team.
  6. Make it like college basketball where there is a committee to get the top eight teams in the regional tournament. Districts should just be more for scheduling.
  7. Very surprised. Not one to make excuses but Jefferson and Muliken missing half of the season did not help. Pangallo I think is a future star, only a sophomore too. Congrats to Newport!
  8. I would like to see the Raiders have a harder schedule next year to prepare them. Of the Raiders 12 wins, they only beat three 9th region teams. Ryle should be even better next season. I’d would say they are early favorites for the 33rd district next season in my opinion.
  9. I’m devastated Cody’s career had to end this way. One of the better talents in this region. I have a feeling this will not be the end of the drama at Lloyd.
  10. I’m devastated Cody’s career had to end this way. One of the better talents in this region. I have a feeling this will not be the end of the drama at Lloyd.
  11. Then let them do it. It’s allowed at a much easier rate at every other level. I grew very fascinated with what Joe Burrow did for LSU this year in football and it made me think what if he was never allowed to transfer? If players from an AAU program want to team up and play together I do not see a problem with that if all the parents are on board. Fans like to see great teams, obviously you would like to see kids stick it out but there are free college educations on the line for some of these families. To withhold them from that is unbelievable and wrong to me. Just my opinion.
  12. I totally agree. There are way too many great examples on how a player transferring benefits them so much. If the parents allow it and they move inside that particular district I do not see a problem. Just my opinion.
  13. You still have to win. Is coach Cal not a good coach or does he just have talent. I dont know what more Haitz has to do. Not one of her top players has ever left the program. Scherr only glows about her in her interviews. Schwartz has had a great year at Rice University, so Coach Haitz definitely got her prepared and played a key role in developing all of these girls. The other coaches in the 9th voted her COY last year. I would not be surprised if I saw some top colleges asking about her availability once her top tier talent leaves.
  14. With all of the talent that was in this game Vinson, Vieth, Mueller, Bessler, ect. Did anybody see any college coaches there?
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