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  1. I thought I heard something about re-districting after next year? Am I delusional or is there any truth to this?
  2. Great season Tigers! Hope this sits in the back of your head till next year! Hit the weights and get better! Good Luck next week Mayfield!
  3. As a loyal Beechwood fan, I don’t care who wins. But this would be a hell of a game to be at! Should be an awesome battle! This and the Boyle/Corbin game will be epic battles! Best of luck to all teams, injury free, and safe travels! HS football at its finest!
  4. Sad that Beechwood has to play 5 district games and the other top 3 only play 3 district games! Beechwood gets screwed in that aspect! Go Tigers!
  5. I watched Xavier that whole play! He started to rush, then played that middle screen. He literally put himself in the perfect position! Kid made a great play! I feel in order to utilize him better, he needs to be back at Def End where he can be at the point of attack. He went from end to MLB. That’s a tough transition. He has to do too much thinking. The need to just turn him loose back on the line and wreak havoc! Just my 2 cents from an ole ball coach! Again, congrats to both team on a great game! Go Tigers!!!
  6. Why was Beechwood lucky?? If Beechwood would learn how to play Defense and make adjustments this would be a completely different team! They’ve been gashed on runs up the middle the last 3 games and do nothing about it! It just blows my mind how many yards they give up rushing and make no adjustments. I think both teams were pretty equal. Beechwood could have and I think should have won this game. Can’t blow a 21 point lead. Offense sells tickets, DEFENSE wins Championships! Best of luck to both teams the rest of the year and I hope they both win State! Go Tigers!!!
  7. Beechwood’s Defense looking like Swiss cheese! Can’t tackle! Not good at all!
  8. Never thought I’d say it, but Beecwood looks like they’ve quit! Sad to say! I hope I’m very wrong here!
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