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  1. I listened to a parent update call yesterday that was going over the precautions that the team will be taking starting next Monday. They were all in good faith and trying to meet all the requirements but having kids keep 6ft apart, wearing masks in between drills, one kid at time through drills, wiping everything down after every drill and touch, etc... is just crazy! The coaches will be spending more time babysitting these requirements then actually coaching. You could tell the coaches are really thrilled about it too. It will be like herding cats out there on the field. Also they mentioned about if the first 2 games are cancelled KHSAA should really look at the RPI ratings for seeding this year. A lot of the teams schedule tough out of district games early that really drive the RPI. So if you miss out and have a weak district your playoff seeding could really take a hit
  2. After what has taking place the last couple of weeks there should be no reason why we cant move forward with the normal plans. Yes take precautions and do what you can to reduce the risks but lets move on! If Jefferson Co. doesn't see a huge spike in sickness and/or test positives in the next week or so they need to open everything ASAP business as usual!
  3. Schools just need to develop and communicate the precautions that they will be taking, temp checks, cleaning frequency, etc... and have the parent sign a waiver releasing the school of coronavirus related liability and play Football! Everyone that still wants to stay hunkered down at home can keep their kids home and let the rest move on with their life.
  4. Yes the same people who criticize people for endangering their family by wanting to figure out a solution of getting back to some normalcy are the same people going to Kroger and Lowes twice a week. Life is about risk and personal responsibility if you are scared or at risk, stay home. Don't let others around you or come to your home. There is no way we can continue this until a vaccine is available!
  5. I was under the impression that this time was considered a "dead period" and no contact was allowed for instructions etc...?
  6. Great Game by both teams... but just watched the replay on local news of Belfry 4th down TD in 2nd OT. He was clearly down prior to end zone and reached out with the ball after down on the ground. Hate to see a game end on a bad call like that.
  7. It seems that the rec/middle school leagues are keeping numbers but CSAA continues to dwindle. I really think there needs to be a marketing effort to get kids playing football again especially in the Catholic grade schools. Pretty soon the majority of kids playing football at the Catholic HS's will be from public schools. Its already obvious at the smaller ones. (DeSales/Holy Cross)
  8. Trust me, they are not overlooking this game. They realize they are going into a hostile place and will be getting PT's very best. They are use to playing games where it is the opponents "circled" game of the year. Win or lose DeSales will play hard and will be well awake way before kick-off.
  9. DeSales only has 16 freshman but they have some pretty good studs in that group
  10. If DeSales can stop or at least slow down the long ball they should get the W. They have to do a better job then they did last week.
  11. Yea I think DeSales surprised them last year. This Year X is treating this as a rivalry game it deserves. X will be out for blood this Friday! I hope DeSales can take the initial blow and settle in for a fight
  12. 5- Trinity 3- Lexington Catholic 3- KCD 1- Caldwell Co. 1- Danville 1- CAL 1- Butler 1- Manual 1- Ashland 1- Paducah Tilghman TB - 58
  13. If DeSales can keep it close anything can happen but they better be ready for a battle because X will be bringing everything including the kitchen sink! If this game is as half as exciting as last years then it should be a go to game next week.
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