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  1. Jake has a great feel for the game and is just a baby 17 years old. If he was a junior in high school right now he is a five star recruit and a top 30 kid in country. In eighth grade he couldn’t walk four years later he has big east and big ten offers. When he gets to a college faces players his size like aau he has a chance to be super special. Yes NBA special. You all can make fun of him Or me I could care a less Because time will tell.
  2. Then ask Archie because he has 100 percent offered Jake. If Jake ask for his release he will be at UL, IU, OSU. Archie got Phinesse from Indiana Elite and loved Jake but knew he was XU the whole time. That has changed now. And If I’m wrong ask him. I am new but I’m right on this one.
  3. Name the number Cov Cath by whatever they want it to be.
  4. Florida is in on 3 top 20 kids in the 2019 class not sure you can make that statement.
  5. What I was told my man. Obviously bad info but was told this am from someone at Covington Catholic that he has not even talked to anyone at Holy Cross nor would he waste their time.
  6. Huge hire he will have the Bulldogs back and Coach Listerman deserves a lot of credit to holding down the fort during down talent years at Holmes.
  7. McClendon will be the head coach. Friend saw Joe Fredrick at the alumni tournament at Covington Catholic and said he has never talked to anyone at Holy Cross regarding the job. Was very matter of fact that he’s with Ruthsatz. Will be great to get my favorite Holy Cross player as our head coach.
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