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  1. I have to ask, does Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang qualify as a cartoon? If so, they are my favorite. Maybe someday Charlie Brown will actually get to kick that football.
  2. By the way, congratulations to the Camels. They are a talented bunch that plays hard. Hopefully they will represent the 10th well at region and maybe at state.
  3. I just wanted to give specific shout outs to Jacob Steffen and Tyler McDonald. These were the two pressed into duty and both played extremely well. Neither are on the radar as starters or scorers necessarily, but both had and played their roles well - especially when called upon more heavily in this big game.
  4. I'm worried also. But I'm more worried about the health care \ insurance issues with DNA test results. What's going to happen when they think they can predict who will get cancer and who will not?
  5. My wife thinks it is a front for selling drugs. It is strange! I've seen people in the building and also cars, with people in them, in the parking lot. Something is happening there, just not sure what.
  6. I'm not a CovCath or Newport supporter, but was at the game. I could care less who won or by what margin. Just wanted to see a good high school b-ball game. One additional thought. CovCath definitely has player movement without the ball. However, what I thought I saw was a ton of illegal screens. CovCath would run cutters along the baseline with one player clipping \ rubbing the defender without being stationary. The offensive player would then get the ball on the block with the defender getting there late because of the illegal pick. Never saw one foul called.
  7. Question - Everybody knows that if a player (defender) puts two hands on an offensive player, it is a foul. What if a player is getting double teamed and each player (defender) puts one hand on the offensive player. Is it an automatic foul? A couple of times down the floor CovCath double teamed Tahj Harding and both defenders constantly had one hand on Tahj. He could hardly move. Should this have been a foul or are two defenders each allowed to put one hand on offensive player and keep him from moving freely? What's the difference between one defender using two hands and two defenders each using a hand - in each case the offensive player has two hands on him and it limits his movement.
  8. Colonels - I'd be interested in seeing these same statistics for all rounds of the football playoffs. My guess would be they would be very similar in all the rounds - including the finals. 50% of the games are blowouts. 10% of the games are close (decided by less than 10 points) and the average margin of victory high.
  9. I live in Alexandria and have for the past 25 years. I don’t care when Halloween is celebrated. For those saying kid’s safety was the main concern, I would agree. However, I will tell you that this year in Alexandria was the MOST unsafe in my 25 years. The volume of treater’s and their crazy parents made it unsafe. The parents fighting over parking and what-not was unsafe. The sidewalks were overflowing and then kids started walking in the streets. The fact that Alexandria moved the date and no other city did, more than the weather, made it unsafe imo.
  10. By the way, I think Dunlap's penalty was bogus. Sometimes I don't think it is possible to tackle someone without falling on top of them.
  11. This is why I'm watching less and less of the NFL. It's hard to enjoy when you don't know \ understand the rules. Almost every time there is a replay, I think it is going to be called A and it gets called B. What is a catch? What is a fumble? What is a good tackle versus a 'bad' tackle? When does crossing the goal line result in a TD and when doesn't it? The way I see it, the refs are the biggest determination of the winner of the games - not the players or coaches. I'm watching less and less.
  12. The game was played Saturday morning (April 21st) - as part of the All A regional double header. Brossart's Jacob Steffen was 3-4 hitting and on base four times (he was hit by a pitch) and scored two of the three Brossart runs. I believe he had 7 stolen bases. This game counted as both the All A regional game and also the District game. Tyler MacDonald and Tanner Griffin pitched for Brossart - each only giving up one run. Not sure who the Calvary pitcher was - but he was very effective the entire game (kudos to that young man).
  13. FYI - Highlands and Brossart played back in Dec, with Highlands winning. Move them ahead in your bracket. And no game on Jan 20th.
  14. Bill's Mini Car (BMC) in Newport. They used to specialize in 'mini' cars, especially VW's. However, I'm not 100% sure they still do mechanical work - they might just rent cars now.
  15. Bishop Brossart Coach Wiggins. Saved the entire program a few years back and doing a great job.
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