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  1. He coached under Rusty Clark at Garrard County actually in the early - mid 90's. I said late 90's but I'm pretty sure it was 93-95 or so.
  2. Great hire! I was coached by Coach Dunning back when he was in Central Kentucky in the mid-late 90's! A fantastic basketball mind. I'm happy he gets this opportunity!
  3. Coach was a fantastic coach and even better person! Return of Don Story?
  4. I'm not sure your complaint is relevant. First, if they are interviewing Mendenhall, that would be a huge get for MoCo. Second, unless you have access to the candidate lists from MoCo, how do you know who they are choosing from. Third, I know the AD at MoCo and I can assure you this coaching search will be done professionally and they will pick who is best for the kids, not just who adults are looking for. Just be patient and let the process play out!
  5. Agreed that the 8th is tough, but getting out of the 11th and avoiding the 42nd and 43rd districts? I'd take my chances in the 8th....
  6. $10 you can watch the entire boys and girls tournament online. That can't help!
  7. I don’t see play clocks in all FB stadiums. You can have the back judge keep the play clock. In basketball, they will have to have something that the players can see.
  8. I don’t think you will ever see a shot clock in Kentucky HS ball. Two main reasons: 1) Way to much money for schools to pay to install them. 2) You have to get someone really qualified to run it appropriately during a game. Anyone that’s been to a lot of HS games know that there are tables that are lucky to run the clock effectively. A shot clock would be a disaster for them. Just my thought....
  9. I thought the Allen kid that transferred from PLD was playing but he isn't on the roster. Any update?
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