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  1. I think it’s okay to dunk anytime. Just do not act like the other team should sit back and watch it happen. Both individual going strong to the basket. And, someone might get hurt. It’s to be expected. IMO I wouldn’t take that chance when my team up big.
  2. This will be a great game with Cooper pulling away in the 4th. Cooper 60 - Beechwood 45
  3. I would challenge the comment made, regarding the region being absent superstar talent. I do not believe you have to score 30+ points a night to be a superstar. I have seen superstar talent, defensively, within the region. I do agree Cooper is the front runner. Coach Sullivan is coaching a very unselfish group, led by Seniors. There is no void in talent when you think of a superstar like Dante Hendrix. Again, no NBA type scorer but a load of talent defensively. I think sometimes people forget this is highschool basketball and want to see a show rather than a good game of basketball played correctly. Several schools are Senior heavy and I know coaches do not keep players just because they are Seniors. I am glad to see the level of play in the 9th region and across the state of Kentucky. It’s fun to watch. The class of 2019 is solid across the board.
  4. Congrats to Cooper, who I believe to be King of the 9th! Highlands is solid. As is Elder. Nice job on the rankings! Looking forward to another great week of highschool basketball.
  5. Maybe Meeks is for the kids, I would agrue that he is not about the softball program. 5 years going 55-96 with no District championship and the talent he has had makes me feel it was time for him to step aside. I would have made that same decision as an AD with as many complaints the school has endured about the softball program. I know kids who decided not to play due to Meeks. But that's going to happen. It was time for a change. Results will show... record with Chip at the helm this year, 9-6. With the move, now 1-4. Just sad for the girls. Weak parenting and whining to a higher authority is a result of a missed opportunity for HC. Not much your AD can do when given no support. But good for you and your softball program, sounds like you got what you wanted. We are all moving on! As far as a definition of strong; too many to list but I will mention one impressive stat - 5 state championships, multiple District Championships, Region Championship and State contenders in swimming and track for a small school in Latonia is very strong. Sure coaching and talent ranks as a high reason however, you don't get there alone and the AD is appreciated for all the support.
  6. Please do tell us what a strong guy like Jimmy Ryan could do for Holy Cross? The AD at Holy Cross is far from weak. You won't find more people with better work ethic. And her record as AD is that of a strong one. She is and always has been about the kids. Shame on you for implying otherwise. Back to the thread if we must. Good Luck to the girls on the HC softball team. And best wishes to Chip. IMO, HC lost a good one!
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