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  1. These refs are awful!!!! Won’t let these kids play ball. No flow to game!!
  2. I think Scott will be too much for Mason in 2nd half. 28-14
  3. I will take my hometown Mason County Royals. Then only thing that hurt mason was special teams. Overall they kept Fleming in check. Punt block and a punt return for td the last score was a long pass in4th quarter. Difference 21 points mason lost by .
  4. Mason is young can they hang with Rowan County? Rowan County seems to improve from last season.
  5. Sorry guys I meant to put Mason and Fleming as a choice after I realized this it was to late to change.
  6. Chief Smoke is right!!! Chris ulery will get it right my boys played for both of them and had love to play for them and was sad when they left football. I ask them why they said said that Chris was honest and didn’t hold back and he and chief smoke made them better. One of the boys still plays for the royals but said it’s not the same and that he will give it his all. So saying all this chris will make the right decision.
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