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  1. The Highlands name on the front of the jersey just means the opposing team wants to beat them. There is no longer a an intimidation factor behind it. As the father of a player, they are not intimidated by the fact that it is Highlands. It's another game they want to win, but will feel a little better if they do win.
  2. Boone is now in the red, I'm assuming all Boone County schools have cancelled their games on Friday, is that correct?
  3. They instituted that policy, so yes, they chose not to play based on an arbitrary number. I would hope it is remembered in future scheduling consideration.
  4. Maybe Boone should have honored their commitment and stayed close to home to play Campbell County.
  5. I would like to hear more detail regarding the Ryle parent working the chain crew that was escorted out for threatening a Camel player. Hopefully that earned a lifetime ban.
  6. The first complete game the Camels played this year. Lockhart, from memory caught 4 for roughly 45.
  7. Credit to the Camel's defense for not giving up on the play. That drive resulted in a turnover on downs and no points. Great effort.
  8. The KDE line goes straight to voicemail. Hopefully everyone is getting their messages in and are being heard. Sports has been a live saver for my son, ripping it away after they've done everything asked of them is cruel and unfair. We know the risks of playing vs not playing, not playing has a far graver impact on a lot of children than playing.
  9. They are juniors this year with most getting their first playing time on varsity. A few players have stepped away from sports altogether, some are specializing in other sports. I think this is an example of not rotating in younger players enough to gain experience and not putting enough attention and time into your JV development.
  10. Issues are a weak senior class and a lot of injuries. Anyone who knew anything about the program knew this would be a down year. No one thought it would be this bad, but injuries have pushed it that way.
  11. Campbell County player retaliated to a Connor player kicking a CCHS player in the head. Always the one that retaliates gets caught.
  12. This chant was a response to the NCC student section chanting "We got Lickert"
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