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  1. Why is everyone so jealous of Holy Cross? Maybe because they are the only team from NKy area to have a State Championship Title? From what I know.. Holy Cross had several starters out that game too.. Holy Cross played an 8th grader and lots of Freshman.... either way.. the outcome would have been the same.. Beechwood is just too young to compete with a very good Squad!!
  2. Does anyone know where you can see the brackets. On the website it has last years brackets.
  3. I'm just curious to the bridge your trying to sell and I know those close with the Harneys know the reason for the transfer. Bottom line.. no one wants their child to go to three different high schools (well most dont) sometimes life happens and the perfect scenario doesn't always happen....
  4. What is the bridge you want to sell? They did move.. And Harney's siblings go to Holy Cross.
  5. I know it's hard for those who post on this thread to believe.. but everyone's life doesn't directly revolve around basketball. Some student atheletes transfer for various reasons out of their control.
  6. Is this comment based off your D1 playing or coaching experience?
  7. Based off your comments.. are you basing this off your D1 playing or coaching career?
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