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  1. Seems like a great player, wonder why there’s a shuffle going on to find a school? Also heard he received 2 new offers today.
  2. Go to camps, win ball games, and be the best player on the field. Nothing is ever guaranteed. I played for a small high school, went to camp at UK, did well but I was not an SEC player. An FCS School noticed me at UK and asked if I would go to camp there. The next week I went to camp and was offered a scholarship after the season from that school. Things might be different now, but in that time my recruiter told me that going to camp and proving myself did more for my exposure than anything. Good Luck!
  3. 3 times a day has to be rough on the kids grades. Unless they have 3 periods of weightlifting.
  4. Dowdy tells Georgetown howdy | Sports | dailyindependent.com
  5. Rivals gave him a Star Rating and he was Class of the Commonwealth. Has anyone seen him play in person?
  6. Horton is the best defensive player in West Virginia as well. Should be the next big name at EKU. Look forward to seeing him dominate the OVC.
  7. Great selection for Mr. Football! Great to see local talent win the award!
  8. With that being said. He has earned the respect of many coaches and schools, and has played well in All Star games. I'm sure he's going to have a very good college career.
  9. Yes it happens all the time. If Rivals never heard of an athlete and they say they have certain offers, they will give them a star rating based off the information given to them. In the early 2000's they did a much better job actually evaluating players and giving them stars.
  10. Any athlete can say anything and you can't verify whether an offer is legitimate until they are announced in the schools signing class.
  11. If that's the case with Rivals, do they just give a rating to anyone that posts that they have an offer? They list the offers and graded his film and gave him 2 stars, which by their grading scale means he is a division 1 prospect. I wonder if they actually do an evaluation? In his case, I hope is offers are legitimate and he becomes a great student athlete. It would be great to see local talent playing on National Television.
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