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  1. I see now Northern Kentucky Coaches Association. Thought it was an All-Regional deal and couldn't understand how they could vote with teams still playing and regionals not having been played. My mistake and nevermind!
  2. That is simply insane and people wonder why all time records are controlled by kids from out in the state!
  3. I think it is a great hire if it happens! There is talent there!
  4. I think there probably should be no doubt on this one. Great players in this class but she stands out completely!
  5. Have you seen the players I listed? If you don't want to say, that is fine and I only said I wanted to see the kid play. I am not sure why that is bad.
  6. No, you are making that inference and seem to have a chip on your shoulder about softball in Northern Kentucky. I in no way implied that to be the case about this kid. I want to see her play, and if that is a problem, I am not sure why. I love press about softball ALL OVER THE STATE as I want the sport to be as great as possible. If you took offense to me wanting to see the kid play then I apologize as none was meant.
  7. Allie Skaggs, SS/CF Ballard comes to mind immediately. Madison McCoy, 2nd base/CF Male, Maggie Metzger/CF/SS Assumption, Allie Puckett SS Sacred Heart, Teddy Nunn SS Eastern and I know I am probably overlooking someone from Butler, Holy Cross, Bullitt East, or Mercy, all of which are ranked in the top 20. Again, I want to see the kid play before I lay down the title of "best young SS/player in the state". If that is a crime, then sue me!
  8. Where are they playing this Summer? Would like to catch up and watch this kid. Again, I am sure she is very good but the talent in Jefferson County in the Freshmen and Sophomore class happens to be really, really good, so would like to see her play.
  9. I think we have played Kaos but don't recall her which means absolutely nothing as I am hearing more about her now. Our travel team is playing in Cleveland, Colorado, Atlanta and St. Louis so hopefully I can see her there as it doesn't appear that her high school team played anyone in Jefferson County last year or this year. Would love to see the kid play.
  10. Awesome and can't wait to see her play! I in no way suggested she wasn't as good as advertised, but know there is great talent all over the state and certainly a boatload in Jefferson County area. Looking forward to seeing her play. What travel team does she play with for this coming season?
  11. I keep hearing about this kid and how fast and smooth she is as a fielder. Really looking forward to seeing her play as we happen to have several freshmen and Sophomores in the Louisville area who are extremely fast and smooth as middle infielders and outfielders. Love watching great talent!
  12. I would think that could be said every year and probably for every sport! Tough jobs for the coaches to make these decisions I am sure!
  13. Trapped in an argument when I pointed out the obvious? And I have yet had one person tell me I am incorrect on the Neice, Berger and Harbison discussion. Are you people really this dense?
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