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  1. Not belittling anybody I thought they did good job. We only won by 5... For the record my name is Dustin Kincer. I am not a player or a father of any player... Have not wrote anything in means of harm to any team or players... Have not said anything but encouraging words to all teams and players... Including Desales OC and NCC...
  2. What a fantastic job they did against Mayfield rushing attack...
  3. All true... I will never forget that state either... That was the last one Jray made it to. RIP Jason Ray!! We lost him 9 years ago on Thanksgiving!!
  4. I was shocked to see the linebacker award go to the kid @ OC... Arnett for cards lead the defense with tackles on what has to be a top defense team..
  5. Maybe Coltsby90 was interfering... lol Great game... I liked your color commentator... I think he felt the refs were calling in our favor... I felt the exact opposite... So I guess it goes both ways, because I am bias too!! lol
  6. All I got to say is. You remember when the radio announcers were saying this is the state championship game against Beechwood back in 2011... Then we went to state and got stomped by Hazard in the state championship... Well don't be to cocky guys... We thought it was a lock then too!! Hazard team said they watched it over and over again, " this is the state championship and that Hazard does not want any of this bunch." So be easy with your post... I want a win just as bad, but this is championship game and NCC has just as much experience being there over last several years as us... Just saying easy with the cockiness..
  7. I really think that it goes to show... That NCC like Mayfield has a tradition running of winning with pride and they are proud of it... Nothing wrong with this video at all... I am a Mayfield fan... But what a great tribute to New Cath...
  8. Really? Well that should go to show that this does not mean squat at all!
  9. I totally agree... People are saying its a lock... It is never a lock until we hear the final buzzer and the score is in our favor... For all you know NCC didnt care if they lost to BW and didnt want to show everything. Here is why I say that. Last year when Graves Co went to the state championship... Guess what game was studied the most by Pulaski Co... The Mayfield Graves game.... Why??? because Mayfield dominated Crider and shut down all scoring angles. Just a valid point... It is not like NCC lost other games to just no name little schools... They lost to Conner and Scott BW and I forget the other 2 but they play a tough schedule. Its not like we are playing Fairview who rushed for however many yards it was against a week schedule... Heck a good pee wee team from the school of the blind could be carter east and carter west... NCC has played some great teams... They are not to be overlooked... In fact I watched Danville play this year... They were fast hit hard had great athletes and was in shock when I heard the final score.... Mayfield will not under estimate this game... They will prepare just as if they are playing top seeded SEC team for a National Championship. Coach Dew is for sure very aware of the capabilities of what could happen. He will take control of the defense and they will be the deciding factor in the ballgame just as they were last couple weeks...
  10. As far as anybody knows, NCC maybe holding out their whole season for a big surprise. Mayfield is not going into this thinking we got this. That is not a smart move... Mayfield knows that any team on any day can win on any field. NCC is there for a reason and has been there for a reason... If you do not think they are capable of knocking off us your crazier and then I am... I am pretty crazy... Mayfield will prepare for the game of their lives. They want the title and will prepare for this game as if they were playing The Crimson Tide. I for one take my hats off to NCC for winning the east and wish them the best!! may the best team win!! GO MAYFIELD
  11. Chuck McClure is a good friend of mine... First time I met him... He said glad you guys moved back to 2a... I really wanted this for him... He wanted it so so bad for his kids and his community. I had a chance to travel to watch the Paris game... Kash is a great contributor to the team of course... He is one guy though... The rest of team does allot too... Congrats to Pikeville good luck in the state championship... We made back to the finals again but in 2a so you will see Beechwood this year not us... Congrats to Paintsville on a great season... Work hard in the off season and see you next year...
  12. Ok at the end of the Mic'ed up with Joe Morris, it shows game time is 7pm on Dec 6th??? Is that an error for the time?? I thought the game was at 1pm on the 6th
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