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  1. Looks like Brett Cooksey will take over the program.
  2. Logan Woodside from Frankfort has a good chance at getting drafted in the late rounds of the draft on Thursday. Are there any other kids from the state that could be drafted this weekend?
  3. Not at all. O and D lines have pretty much been wiped out by injuries.
  4. 5-Belfry 3-Raceland 3-Corbin 1-Christian County 1-Lex Cath 1-NCC 1-Bowling Green 1-PRP 1-Paducah Tilghman 1- Shelby County TB- 62
  5. I'm not saying I have seen a coach not play the best kid. But I have seen coaches take PT away from a kid that would have played a little more(end of half or garbage time minutes or a couple plays here and there) if their parents would not have demanded more PT. Just to spite the parent. Dealing with parents and pressure from other outside sources whether it is school donors or administration is often the most difficult part of a coaches job unfortunately. I know we hold coaches to a higher standard but at the end of the day their still human.
  6. As someone that has been on a few coaching staffs (not football, not high school) and been a fan of all sports, I'd have to say that 8.5/10 times the coaches are right. I have been told by parents that their child is not playing enough, and I have seen coaches buckle and give more playing time to kids that probably should not have gotten it. I have also seen coaches sit kids because their parents wouldn't butt out. There are so many factors that go into whether a kid plays are not. In most cases, the best player plays. But it comes down to nobody that is involved in sports wants to lose. Kids parents that pull their kid and move them here or there because they can "be a star" are not helping anyone. When I was in High School I was fortunate enough to play on a very good basketball team, that really underachieved. I did not have the best relationship with the coaches and felt I was being slighted in playing time because of it, but I knew COACHES WANT TO WIN so instead of complaining or moving schools for more playing time I worked as hard as I could and knew that if I showed to be the best player they would have to play me, regardless of how they felt about it.
  7. 5- Simon Kenton 3-Johnson Central 3-Corbin 1-Danville 1-Cooper 1-Lloyd Memorial 1-Pulaski County 1-Knox Central 1-Paintsville 1-Male TB: 73
  8. This seems pretty silly to me... one of your most embarrassing losses was to a team that finished with the same record as you against a pretty similar schedule and had an offense that averaged 36 a game? Granted Raceland underachieved for certain last year but I still have to believe if those teams played 10 times the series would've been close to even. Just curious what is the other most embarrassing loss?
  9. 5- Cov Cath 3-Male 3-Newport Central Catholic 1-Lexington Catholic 1-Elizabethtown 1-Somerset 1-Mercer County 1-Manual 1-Central 1-Dayton TB- 63
  10. I may not be able to rationally defend it. But I believe in the wood. Eagles 35-28.
  11. Last week Allen Central received a first place vote in 2A... lots of people with votes either do not take it seriously or do not pay any real attention.
  12. For me they still have to prove themselves. I have not seen them in the last couple years, but last time I did they were on the bad end of an early running clock and starting a kid that could not have been 130lbs at middle linebacker. But they are obviously much improved and already have a much better season than I can remember them having. If they can beat Brossart I see a little more respect coming their way. The close win over Bath really hurts them in my opinion because Fairview a team that is barely clinging on to a top 10 spot beat bath by 40.
  13. 1-5 all have very legitimate shots to win a title. After that I think we're just talking tough outs in the playoffs.
  14. 5-Bardstown 3- Pikeville 3-Desales 1-Wayne Co 1- CAL 1- Bourbon 1-Christian Co 1-Fleming Co 1-Washington Co 1-Harrison Co TB- 62
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