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  1. North Bullitt had ZERO senior leadership last season. As for this up coming season. Everyones going to see a Big change. The line is Bigger & Faster. QB can change plays on the line with no problems to adjust. There is 9 seniors all in Leadership rolls. Last season they had Freshmen playing Friday nites. With no high school football experience. Scared @ 14-15 years old vs Junior Seniors 17-19 years old. The Coach staff had to do Alot adjusting all season. But this season the whole line is 20 lbs bigger and faster. Eating 110's everyday after practice. This is a Bigger Better Team. Everyone on this Team/Family is ready for Friday Nite Lites..
  2. Scott County is a Great team to kick off a season to. North last season had no Senior leadership. The Cards rope them before the end of the 1st quarter. As for this up coming game Friday nite. North Bullitt has come a long way. 9 returning seniors All in a leadership roll. The line is greater than last season by 20 lbs and quick on the ball.. QB is in a great position to change plays on the line. This is not going to be the same roll over team it was last season.. Gota respect the coach for calling off the dogs last season after the 1st quarter. Scott County Football is a top notch squad. Going to be a great game. Ps. Scott County fans are great and fun to talk to..
  3. I agree it's going to be a Hard hitting game with a lot of passing.. North is going to make the 1.50 hour drive there to Madison Southern. Both great ball clubs.. Looking forward to watching this game...
  4. North Bullitt 26 vs North Oldham 6 Scrimmage North Bullitt looking good vs a great North Oldham team... Going to be a great season.. Showed a lot of good team play from the Offesive and Defense.. A lot of young Sophmores stepped up and played great ball for their first Varisty game..
  5. They are working on their O-line.. But with some returning play makers it should be a fair season. Nate Johnson, Andrew Brown, will be key players. But keep an eye out on Jeff Newton, Noah Unitia, Christain Floyd, Cody Oaks, & Blake Caple making plays happen and stopping the O on the line.. Going to be a team and year of stepping up and making it happen..
  6. This is a new season. And now that others know how good this team can be under new management from last season. What's others opinions about this up coming season?.
  7. 2 great teams going at it this Friday nite for District champs. North Bullitt has to keep the score rolling cause South Oldham is going to give them all they got and then some.. Going to be a awesome match-up..
  8. North Bullitt on a great run this season. Going to take on Oldham County. This North team plays tight together and can play to the last second. It's going to be a great playoff team up and coming.
  9. If Franklin County can keep #44 and #11 in check for Shelby County. They should take away a (W). But if they don't, good luck stopping them Franklin. Them 2 are the play makers for Shelby Co. on both sides of the ball. Good luck to both teams..
  10. Two great ball clubs going at it this Friday nite @ Bullitt Central vs North Bullitt. Both teams 4-1. Central coming off a blow out of the water loss. North Bullitt drumming a win over Marion Co. This is going to a great game to watch. Whats your thought..
  11. Shelby Co. is a great team. With lots of speed and talent on both sides of the ball. Bullitt East is going to get blown up this week. East is weak this season. The Team lacks leadership on the field with a lack of a good QB. The only win BE is getting this season will just one (maybe). But for district play they are a dead stick in the water.. Good bunch on kids there but it's just what it is. A bad season for BE....
  12. This is not the same North Bullitt team. They r deep in back field with lots of speed. This team shows heart and can move the ball all 4 Quarters. This going to be a game that will show which team is in better condition. Shelby County has a great QB that can make plays happen. SC (D) is tight in the secondary. For NB they r quick and can move the ball on the ground and with a great air assault. This going to a great game for both teams. But I still have to go with NB. 28-14..
  13. This New North Bullitt Program is right on track.. You can see it from every angle from the stands to the field. The team may not be big in size but the show Heart in All 4 quarters. Hold on to your hats it's going to be a heart pounding season for the Eagles. ONE TEAM ONE DREAM...
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