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  1. What about Matthew Young, is he not playing?
  2. Congrats to the following student athletes from the 2006 State Championship Team (Class of 2007). They will be attending the following colleges. Josh Bleser – Campbellsville Kurt Bovard - Thomas More (Basketball) Brandon Brown – Washington University Joe Casdaneda – University of Dayton Sam Flynn - Marion College Jace Ganshirt - Thomas More Will Geison - Centre College Nick Hudepohl - Wittenberg College Nathan Kater - Heidelberg College Sean O'Conner - Marion College
  3. So three times in the last 12 years. I would say that its rare!
  4. Thanks for your response. You are one of my favorite reads on here I respect and enjoy reading your perspective. As to the thread subject, I too am hoping but strongly believe that Coach Rodenberg stays at Cov. Cath, for a long time. I am confident that the CCH Administration, Parents and Boosters all recognizes what Coach R and his “Staff” has accomplished in just “18 months” and not just a “State Championship”. (It took Coach Ray 12 years to get CCH their 1st Championship and in no way is that a “knock” on Lynn. In my opinion it just demonstrates what condition the program was in
  5. You must be a "Top 24" selection to be one of the finalists for "That’s My Boy". Some of the more important criteria are GPA, extra curricular activities, community involvement, class rank are some as I understand in addition to being recognized for their football achievements.
  6. LN – first off let me say I have the utmost respect for Dale and the Highlands program. Dale and I have been friends now for far too many years. By no means am I claiming that Rodenberg is a Highlands killer. I was just “sharing” what I “heard”, which happens all too much on here. Regarding last year you won’t get any arguments from me, I would have liked to have seen what they could have done with the ‘05 group with that being his "second" year. I do believe that Rodenberg & his staff have demonstrated a keen ability to make adjustments. Last year they tried to straight "two platoo
  7. BF that is clever, maybe you can help me put up one of those cool avatars? :thumb: But really I’m just trying to get to that 200th post plateau, now after however many years of being a BGP member. As for being proud you bet and certainly Ecstatic!! :banana:
  8. Well hear we go again!! - I hope I can get this in before this one closes. I'm sure there are plenty of folks from "the Christmas walk in Fort Thomas" and some other areas of NKY that have already added something like that already to there "Santa WISH List's". I was also speculating over the weekend myself, at the "Colonels 2006 State Championship" party. That IF Coach R. and his staff had come one year earlier in 2004 that CCH might have been celebrating a 3-peat, '04,’05 and ‘06. IMHO! But one can only speculate! I mean……….. I still remember hearing that guy after the 2nd CCH/
  9. Outstanding, exceptional, terrific, wonderful, stupendous, dazzling, marvelous, excellent, GREAT – all appropriate in describing Covington Catholic Colonels 2006 season. What a special accomplishment for the CCH players, coaches, students, faculty and administration. Last night after the congratulatory hugs, handshakes, awards and team celebration, I watched with Colonels pray together before they left the field for the bus ride home. I happened to hear all the way up in the second level of the stadium. The Colonels all closed the prayer after giving Thanks with “Great Run” and that
  10. I stand corrected 1990 was Nate's senior football season that would make him a '91 Grad. One must remember I did not go to CCH, the Mrs. tries to keep that a secret. Bye the way I've sat by YOU before, why have I not gotten any hugs ?
  11. I could not agree with more. She does it all to make CCH & the Football program so very special for the boys and parents. I completely agree "She is awesome". . Don't forget Mackenzie she will be at NDA next year, Lil Mac, Sheila in training ! :dancingpa
  12. Dale - I could not agree with you more. Brandon should have made it as a DB, lead Cov Cath in both interceptions and passes defended. At running back having split time with Brent Buckley does not get numbers/stats to be selected for all star awards. Just wins! Nathan moved from starting center in '05 to guard in '06. IMO has been one of the key factors in the Cov Cath's O-line success this year. The skill guys get most of the pub as they always do. For CCH to have two running backs rush for close to 2,000 yards in a pass first offense is probably one of those stats that will go unnoticed
  13. 81 - For what it's worth, As you know my son had a guest join us last Saturday for the Highlands / Cov Cath game who came up from EKU. Who was from Lex Cath and was on last years State Championship team and those were HIS exact feelings as well regarding last years CCH / Lex Cath game. BTW - If I call you 81 does that make me Maxwell Smart? :laugh:
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