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All-Northern KY Team Coaches Selections

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For everyone that didn't quite understand the Top 24 Selections this is the actual All-Northern KY selections voted by the coaches and NOT restricted to classes.





Quarterback - Steven Brown (Campbell County).


Running backs - Cory Farris (Boone County), Jordan Kramer (Highlands).


Wide receivers - Brandon Griffin (Campbell County), Kurt Bovard (CovCath).


Tight end - Pete Sutton (CovCath).


Linemen - Doug Vaughn (Boone County), Kyle Southwood (Newport), Scott Wise (Highlands), Zac Janning (Beechwood), Zack Kiernan (NewCath).


Place kicker - Shane Popham (CovCath).




Linemen - Tanner Williams (Boone County), Zack Kiernan (NewCath), Jason Stallkamp (Dixie Heights), Kris Pridgen (Ryle).


Linebackers - Sam Flynn (CovCath), Ben Koester (Highlands), Rob Domaschko (Boone County).


Backs - Joe Castaneda (CovCath), Scott Gray (Ryle), Nick Kaiser (Boone County), Pete Kayiatos (Beechwood).


Punter - Josh Bleser (CovCath).




Quarterback - Josh Elbert (Simon Kenton).


Running backs - Scott Gray (Ryle), Michael Vicars (NewCath).


Wide receivers - Pete Kayiatos (Beechwood), E.J. Dettmer (Dixie Heights).


Tight end - Luke Stein (Highlands).


Linemen - Cory Tymenski (Ryle), Donnie McGuire (Dixie Heights), Ben Schlosser (Highlands), Alex Hempfling (Highlands), Nick Hudepohl (CovCath).


Place kicker - Ross Uminger (Ryle).




Linemen - Ronnie Ashton (Highlands), Zac Janning (Beechwood), Ziggy Niedzielski (NewCath), Galen Kidwell (Highlands).


Linebackers - Vince Murray (Ryle), Stephen Benson (Dixie Heights), Ryan Kelly (Scott).


Backs - Duran Jefferson (Holmes), John Snowball (Campbell County), Chris Hightchew (Dayton), Matt Mosier (Dixie Heights).


Punter - Ryne Wilfong (Nepwort).



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Teams are usually laughable.

Dead on pretty boy


Leave Brown and Kater off 1st and 2nd team ?


There were 8 better DB's than Brown this year and 10 better O lineman than Kater ? There were'nt 8 better football players than Brown this season much less at his position. In the playoffs alone he has 3 interceptions, 30 solo tackles, played great cover corner, ran for around 300 yards with 3 touchdowns and plays virtually every play of the game covering the teams best WR with Joe on the sidelines, returns punts, kicks, etc.


I know some of the CCH kids and they believe that Kater is one of the best football players they have ever played with and feel he is the best O lineman on the team. Kid just blows up guys every week and by the end of the year was doing it starting both ways !!!!

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Brown definantly deserves to be on the list. He could be the best player on the whole CCH team. And as for Kater, he is probably one of the best guards in not only NKY but all of KY. Isnt he a 3 year starter?


B Brown is not the best player on CCH's team. He's simply the most valuable.

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All of the kids who made the team are deserving and should be commended for their performances this year.

Sorry CovCath fans, but the coaches could not put your whole team on the all-northern kentucky team because there are multiple other football teams in Northern Kentucky who have some pretty good players also.


Congrats to all of the First and Second team. You are all entitled to your opinion, but you should not pick and choose kids that should not be on the team. If you or your kid did not make the team. Tough!!! Go win the State Championship and then ask the kid how much he cares about being left off the All Northern Kentucky team.

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