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  1. Unfortunately RCC9 is correct for girls basketball. Outside of AAU there is little to no college recruiting. College coaches show up at high school games (big "invitationals" or regular games all the same) because they are courting a prospect. College coaches discover and become interested in girls between April and September. College coaches are way too caught up in a their own seasons to give much effort to recruiting during the school season. A team like SK (or a big "invitational") does not draw college coaches because of the head coach or the school name there. They come completely to court and watch a player they've already decided they have an interest in. You are correct though when you talk about a team like Simon Kenton and their effort to take on bigger teams in bigger tournaments to improve themselves this has nothing to do with recruiting however. That is about improving the team and getting ready for a run at the state
  2. In real life are you just as mean as act on here? Would you respond personally to Gilliam with that comment?
  3. There's nothing wrong with what's going on with all this. And yes I would guess Martin considered her options with schools to attend. Don't think RCC9 would disagree either. Again nothing illegal or wrong even. As stated it just has unfortunate consequences though for some.
  4. Not sure where the confusion is with this issue. Three top playing starters played VARSITY basketball at another school before CHOOSING Simon Kenton. Heck, Harney was literally shopping schools this summer. I'm a fan of SK getting better but the unfortunate consequence is players who have always been in SKs system get bumped down another notch. Gilliam (see above post) being the most recent unfortunate one. Besides the players that stay in the starting lineup it's understandable that others would feel disappointed in some ways with this. It's certainly understandable that people looking from the outside in would make judgements. But in the end SK will have two years of strong runs at the state tourney. And months from now that's all people will be talking about
  5. This is all a little over board. It wasn't until the third quarter that the game was really done. Most teams sub a mix of varsity and players that don't get much varsity time at that point. That's what happened. For years Stowers has played Ally way deep into the 4th quarter in already secured games (I think when Ally chose SK it was written into her contract! -jK - Spread and go called in the 4th for Ally is nothing new). But he played lots of girls in the fourth quarter, both starters and non-starters. However, unfortunately it looks like Harney signed the same contract to come to SK. Wish they would give the players who actually came up through the system the same opportunities as they give the top three kids.
  6. What? What happened? Could someone at game please post details?
  7. Absolutely correct. I agree that in the last minutes of a close game you really get a picture of who the coach believes in. Also as a coach you may start a senior over an underclassmen of basically equal talent. However a good coach will have the underclassmen on the floor significantly more during the game since there is a huge upside to developing the younger player. I've seen high school coaches who also try to move players in and out of the starting lineup weekly based on perceived performance/work. I do not believe this is healthy and with high school kids creates a lot of fear and hesitant play. It likely works in a college environment because all those kids are mentally ready for that. But in my experience your best to set a starting group and then make a few slow changes over the course of an entire season. High school kids just don't have the maturity to handle that kind of pressure well.
  8. I respectfully disagree. Having coached various high school sports for over decades, I have had many interactions with players and parents over this issue. And not only do they care, but I understand why they care. The starters are an affirmation of work/performance from a coach. It non verbally communicates volumes to kids. Any coach who doesn't understand that will risk confusing and alienating kids. Coaches have to work harder to affirm the non starting kids of their value and importance. This does not mean you can't have 6th,7th and 8th players that are really good but in the coaches opinion they are not better than the starters, or at least they aren't that week. You really think Ally Niece would ever not start? If who starts at SK doesn't matter then I'm sure she might sit to start a game or two this year? Or is Ally better than others?
  9. Not sure why the starting lineup "doesn't matter"? I highly doubt the players (or parents of the players) think it doesn't matter. Niece Gilliam Meier Jones Harmeyer Harney and Stamper first off bench. Not starting Jones would be a HUGE mistake, she is far too good. My guess is when Buckner returns Gilliam sits and Harney, Gilliam and Stamper come off the bench. Buckner adds more needed height
  10. Can't believe people are picking NDA for this game. Only way SK loses if they beat themselves here.
  11. I believe your comments are excellent and very accurate. Jones shot over 40% from behind the arc last year and is possibly the best defender (guards) Simon has. It was a mistake for her not to start and see the floor a significant amount last year. Because of the defensive issues and perimeter shooting issues at SK she should be out there a lot. Ally is a great player and should be the major part of the offense she is. But her weakness has been defense in the past. If Ally has worked on her defense, Jones has another year of growth and sees the floor a lot, add in Harney; and you should see a significant defensive improvement and perimeter shooting over last year.
  12. I know it's pre-season but this team looks to be in a great position to make a run at state. Adding Harney takes this team to another level, which would have seemed hard to do given how good they were to start. Jones and Stamper have greatly improved, and they were great last year! This team has 7-8 star-quality players. Add in the Stowers effect, this team will be fun to watch this year. The region will likely be a cake walk, teams around the state better be ready.
  13. I find it really hard to believe Simon Kenton is ranked #8. They are in the state semis. They beat Owensboro Catholic AND LexCath. What the heck? If they best West Jessamine this Wednesday will they only move up to #6? More weight should be given to tournament games in the calculation. That's when everyone is at the top of their game.
  14. I think this is not accurate. I think the world of Maddie and Lauren, they are top players. But Ryle will not be competitive with Sacred Heart. I watched Ryle get destroyed by Mercer County over the summer. (I know it's just summer ball). But SHA is the real deal, top 5 team in the state. Berger is a beast. I would not expect that scrimmage to be competitive at all.
  15. Have heard numbers are down also. 8th grader Bri Crittendon (sister of Xavier's Jenna) pulled up to help.
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