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  1. There was no implication. Sorry you took it the wrong way. Have a good season.
  2. I didn't say very bad calls cause the defeat, you did. Watch the film, just calling it like I see it. We had 3 INT and turned the ball over on downs. I' m sorry that you can't take a true statement. This isn't the first game that the refs have ever done a questionable job.
  3. Defense #60 is a player to watch out for, he is big and very good. The RB do a good job, they use 3 with #10 being the fastest. The biggest thing that may hurt Garrard Co is not being at home and getting the calls. We had some very bad calls against us,but the kids fought thru it.
  4. I think 4A is just fine. Please remember that 3A and 4A have the most teams, therefore each team must earn their playoff berth. They all have 4 district games. So all of those coaches have only 6 games to get their teams ready. Many teams in 2A and 5A are in the same boat. This is we're you see coaching at it's best.
  5. Good win EJ scored 21 unanswered points in the second half.
  6. Great job on covering the game. Always enjoy good close games, both teams showed a lot of grit.
  7. This is a hard working team. The off season work should pay off for them.
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