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  1. Well deserved. He took his gifts and has worked his butt off to get to here. Such a great young man
  2. And I’ll follow-up with...the Beechwood pitcher stepped it up like a MAN in the 7th. 2 errors, facing the big hitters and didn’t back down an inch. great showing young man!
  3. Shouldn’t be made up. These two against Ryle mean nothing, and are detrimental to at least one of the teams from a preparation perspective. Cov Cath is good enough to get to 1,000 without the padding. Not making a prediction, but they do have the talent.
  4. And no rainouts. The math is getting tougher
  5. I’m certain that the dads of many current, former and future players are reading this and biting their collective tongues. It’s an easy answer: Of Course it’s time for him to go. He has long forgotten that this is about developing young men and demonstrating the proper leadership behaviors. And, as was the premise of the string, with the talent at CCH, there would be many more regional trophies in the display with a new approach.
  6. Oldham left it all in the court last night for a great win. Cov Cath has plenty in the tank. CCH by 15+, and it will never be in doubt.
  7. If Cov Cath can hold good teams to under 4 runs, they have a chance to be really good this year. Talent all around the diamond. Highlands pitching staff is a rare thing. Barring injury, they are the clear favorite. Beechwood has excellent returning talent. I have no idea what their pitching staff looks like, but they will be a challenge come tournament time.
  8. Kennedy - 2018 Cov Cath is committed to Georgetown College
  9. Only got to listen to the stream, but sounds like Nowak was giving AK fits
  10. USA Today has Covington Catholic ranked #22 in the nation after an impressive week with wins over Moeller and LaSalle. How much stock do you place in these rankings? Regardless...it’s still pretty cool
  11. Court is too small for two teams this big. They can’t get any spacing to run an offense
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