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  1. St. X should be in the top 25. They are huge. They will be a nightmare matchup for most teams.
  2. I would keep the game going but only play it at Indiana.
  3. Does the Ky All-star team have a remote chance to win either game? On paper it appears to be lopsided in Indiana's favor. I believe Coach Breeden needs to coach both games like a real game and not an all-star game. Play the best 8 players only. Establish roles for each one of these kids. If they veer out of their role during the game then sit them. They are not children. It would be nice to beat Indiana one time.
  4. I love Colton's game. I think he will do big things at Ky Wesleyan.
  5. I guess I did not articulate my point very well. 41% from 3 pt range is very good. The makeup of his team forced him to take shots from deep range. I was trying to say he has the ability to shoot off the dribble from deep while being guarded. Most high % 3 point shooters are stand still shooters who must be set up by their teammates.
  6. I would take Mckim from St. X over any of these guys. He had defenders draped over him every game and shot 41%. Every time I watched him the 3's were borderline NBA range every time.
  7. The only thing that bothers me is you would bring up 2 sports that nobody cares about and never will. Why didn't you include tennis and golf. Please.
  8. If you want to start naming every player for football and basketball I dont think it will be very close.
  9. The catholic faith is what you would call conservative. African americans aren't big on the conservative philosphy. I don't see too many african american catholic churches around. Trinity somehow finds those few outliers.
  10. That's funny about the $5,000. Just put in the endownment fund for those precious non-catholic school going athletes that find there way onto Trinity's roster every year.
  11. How can you say that? They split 2 games. Trinity should not have won either game. St. X out played Trinity the entire regulation last night.
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