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  1. It was a pretty good event for the 1st time doing it. Team 2 won pretty easily, 12-4. Team 1 had several physical and mental errors that allowed Team 2 to build on their lead all night. With the mixture of players you had some matchups where kids from the same team were pitching / hitting against one another. At one point Team 2 had 3 Left handed infielders, that was pretty cool to watch. As far as the game a few things that stood out to me were Team 1 was caught stealing 3-4 times and had a few base running errors. There were several good defensive plays. Team 2 catcher, Adams from Raceland threw out 3 base runners, McKee from Russell had a diving catch in CF, I believe it was Prater from Lewis Co made a diving play at 1B, Gammon from Greenup made plays all night, but 2 great ones, one deep in the hole at SS and another one on a slow roller, Downing from Greenup threw out a runner at 3B from RF, dropped a seed right on the bag and threw out the runner by 10 steps. Of course there were a few bobbles as well, 2 easy foul balls down the 1st & 3B lines that were dropped, a few outfielder drops, but hey some of these kids probably haven't been on the field in almost a month. It appeared the players and coaches definitely had a good time. Kyle Gammon from Greenup Co was named MVP for Team 1 and Brock Damron from Boyd Co was named MVP for Team 2. The game was a little laid back, but that's understandable, maybe to help keep the intensity up, get a few other local Regions doing the same thing and have a little 4 team tournament in the future. Play 2 semi-final games and the winners play for Regional bragging rights, just a thought. Overall a success for @16thRegionSports
  2. I understand the Title 9 comments about the fields for the girls, but at least the girls get a 2nd chance. Baseball is loose 1 game and your season is done in a blind draw format. KHSAA is so far behind the times it's ridiculous in both softball and baseball. KY is 1 of only 2 states in the USA that doesn't classify. There are several other states that rank & seed their tournament fields. And to make matters worse on the baseball side, they extended the tournament to the 2 weekend format and good high school baseball players are missing their summer team games and missing opportunities to be recruited. There are a lot of opportunities to benchmark other states & the KHSAA needs to wake up come up with something better for both sports.
  3. Never heard of it either, is there a roster or more info on who made it from other Regions?
  4. You are pretty dead on with your comments and I'll add a few more. They are extremely talented up the middle. No matter who they throw on the mound & they are 5-6 starters deep, can beat just about anyone they play. You already mentioned everyone up the middle (Shoupe ©, Hughes (SS), Hunt (CF)) except for Kyle Gammon (2B) who was the Tournament MVP. Hughes & Gammon may be the best MIF in the state and they are both Sophmores. Jaxson Keeton made several plays at 3B in the tournament that he made look routine that many other 3B wouldn't have made. Offensively, this team is solid 1 thru 9 with a combination of both power and speed. They have HR's from 6-7 different players and they have base stealing capability from 4-5 players. Maybe the most important thing you mentioned is their never quit attitude. They play the game with great emotion and never give up. It will be interesting to see how they fare as just like the Regional Tournament, the upper half of the State Tournament draw appears to be by far the toughest bracket to come out of, especially drawing Region 7 (L'ville St. X) in their first game.
  5. I wasn't referring to Ben Jordan, I know he is injured and wasn't available. I don't know their team real well either but from what I heard the pitcher they started wasn't one of their top 3 pitchers they had remaining as an option last night. They did bring in McGlone in early in the game but they were already down 4 runs.
  6. It appeared that West Carter tried throwing off and Ashland jumped out to a 4-0 lead early in the game. West did battle back in the middle innings to tie it up. I believe West Carter still had their 2 best available pitchers left and neither of them threw a pitch in the tournament.
  7. Jarred Hunt hit a sac fly in the 4th to give GC a 1-0 lead. Planck broke up the no no on his solo HR in the 6th to tie it at 1-1. Rowan took the 2-1 lead on a bases loaded awkward comebacker to the mound that tipped off the end of Lamberts glove. Not sure if that was hit or error, I'd assume a hit. Greenup tied it up on an RBI ground out by Jarred Hunt and scored the would be winning run when a wild pitch / passed ball squirted away from the Rowan catcher, he scooped it up and threw to 3B but the ball sailed into the outfield allowing the runner to score. I saw a box score after the game, not sure where it came from or how accurate it was but Planck 3 runs, 3 hits, 8 k's, 0BB. Lambert 2 runs, 4 hits, 4k's, 3 BB.
  8. Kyle Gammon lead off the bottom of the 1st inning for Greenup Co with a single to left field
  9. Greenup Co didn't throw their #1, they threw Sophmore Ryan Lambert. He also pitched in the game played at Rowan Co that Greenup won 12-0. Ryan threw a 1 hit shut out that night.
  10. 63rd District baseball: Lewis, at last | Sports | dailyindependent.com
  11. Give Lewis Co credit, after having the bases loaded with 1 out in the 6th and not scoring I thought they had missed their opportunity to win the game but they came back in the 7th determined to win. I was really surprised that Russell didn't get the Layne kid up and loose in a 1 run game in the 6th, or even the 7th. There was no need to save him for Thursday if you loose and don't advance. Has to be a disappointing season for Russell finishing with a loosing record after being Regional runner-up last season.
  12. I'm not sure the reasoning or if it is legit but it appears by the KHSAA scoreboard page that Greenup Co will not play Fern Creek in the Fayette Co Invitational but did pick up Madison Central. No offense to Fern Creek as I don't know anything about them, but I'm sure with Madison Central being ranked #4, they would be a bigger threat to beat Greenup Co than Fern Creek and maybe even Lafayette???
  13. You can play 36 regular season games. They've already cancelled Rowan Co (May 9th) & Fleming Co (May 19th) so that leaves 1 more to be cancelled to meet the 36 game max requirement.
  14. Since May 4th, 2015 the Musketeers have won 45 of 46 games with their only defeat being to Highlands in the KHSAA Final 4 last June. After starting the 2015 season with a 4-8 record, Greenup is 59-3 since April 11, 2015 with 2 of those losses coming from teams from OH & WV. They are 55-1 vs Kentucky teams over that same span.
  15. Rumors floating around the Greenup Co & Raceland game last night stated that Ben Jordon is injured. You know how rumors are so you can imagine all the things that were said. The worse scenario I heard is that he broke his hand and is done for the year, and probably wont even be able to pitch much this summer on his travel team, but also heard he hasn't even had x-ray yet and although he won't pitch or even play this weekend in All A, he will be back soon. No matter how major or minor, I wish Ben a speedy recovery!!!
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