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  1. Monroe County and Shelby Valley are pretty good sized schools to be in the All A classic. They are in the 43 percentile for size in the state. Monroe is 122 out of 280 schools. Shelby valley is 121.
  2. I thought the play where Elkins took Dow out was worse than the other play. Swinging an elbow through to get the shot off resulted in a serious injury. He could have turned the other way and easily have got the shot off.
  3. That's good that someone brought it to his attention. Seems like the television networks and cable networks promote this kind of behavior for ratings. Reminds me of the WWE, all about the theatrical performance that occurs during the game.
  4. I guess that I am from the old school. I always enjoyed watching Tim Duncan play because he took care of business but didn't display all the antics that cause hard feelings for the other team. He showed respect and other players respected him as well. When you start getting in a players face and doing all the antics that make a player want to retaliate against you by punching you in the face then you have crossed the line. As intelligent beings we are expected not to retaliate, but why not call a technical on a player who is inciting such actions? Is it smart to let a kid run in front of the home team crowd with the team flag of the visitor? Why not let those kids poke a bees nest and see what happens? They know what they are doing as well as what reaction they are trying to elicit. But that is what is wrong with so much of what goes on in this world. Don't blame the instigators ..... they have rights too! Tell that to the bees.
  5. From my experience antics on the court cause trouble with other players. Relive Kevin Garnett's Long Career of Angry Scuffles and Crazy Antics | Bleacher Report
  6. The problem with antics like that is that when another player does the same thing a fight usually occurs. The ones that dish it out can't take it.
  7. I thought maybe you were a member of jahtruth.net since the only rules that matter are the ones you believe in. 😜
  8. And I'll pray that God can help you with you lack of understanding for rules. You would not have done well with the 12 Commandments since nothing applies to you.
  9. Should be a good game. Mercer has home court advantage and both teams have transfers to offset lack of local talent.
  10. Exciting game to watch. Wayne County out rebounded Scott County in second half and out shot them in both halves. Offensive rebounds in first half by Scott County were due to their quickness and arms being grabbed with no fouls called - plenty of chances when you don't shoot the ball well. Woods made his only shot and had one rebound but he did have 3 assists and two steals. Blevins and Stearns smoked the home team for 32 points and 26 points respectively. Gillespie led team with 11 rebounds and 5 blocks (18 for tournament). KYBleacherButt's comment: is funny because the only difference in this game from others Wayne has played is that Peyton Woods was unable to score or rebound, and that was offset by Stearns and Blevins taking the Scott County defense to school. Very good game that will make Wayne County a better team. Home court advantage came into play on several calls late in the game that took possession away from Wayne County: Scott County player knocked rebound out of bounds from behind Wayne County player and ball was given to Scott County, Wayne County player was called for carrying the ball with no one guarding him, referee made sure to call a foul on the last shot of the game just in case the shot was missed (no doubt in my mind that was going to happen). Wayne had the chance to put it away but Blevins, Stearns, and Woods all missed free throws. Looking forward to the rematch if game doesn't get canceled or changed due to it being a rematch.
  11. That's what the "nutcracker" is infamous for. He has a reputation for hitting players below the belt against more than one team.
  12. Running clock in third quarter. All 10 Cardinal players score.
  13. Win number 800 was against Boyle County in the region last year. Here is a link for his 700th win. http://www.kentucky.com/2010/12/24/1577977/at-700-wins-wayne-countys-woods.html He coached at Powell Valley, TN at the start of his coaching career. Those wins are not part of the total on the KHSAA site.
  14. Every time he has a player show up from other schools, other counties, other states, and other countries. That pretty much sums up his integrity.
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