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  1. So it's safe to say GC will be the heavy favorite in this game.
  2. Well gchs it's been since 2005. Here's another stat that will blow your mind. GC has put up 40 or more points in every game but one against Cville since 2005.
  3. Eagles haven't beat Green co since 2005 that stops this Friday night. Eagles win at home. Make it 8 stright home wins at the Nest!!
  4. Who cares if someone ran the score up on Dudley's team. This man has cheated everywhere he's been. Karma is a witch and works both ways. But Dudley deserves for everyone to run it up on him. I just hate it for the kids playing for such a coach.
  5. The Kentucky High School Athletic Association announced Wednesday it has sanctioned the Bell County and Taylor County football programs for their participation in a preseason camp on the weekend of Aug. 7. Both programs were fined $2,500 and placed on probation through the 2016-17 school year. Also, Bell County has imposed a one-game suspension on head coach Wayne Mills. “These two schools and school systems have been supremely cooperative in our review of what transpired the weekend of August 7,” KHSAA commissioner Julian Tackett said in a news release. “It is highly likely that other programs were also participating in that setting, but these two longtime members have taken the high road, admitted to the violations and pledged commitment to ensuring that these types of violations are not repeated.” The KHSAA ruled Bell County and Taylor County both committed four violations during the event — scrimmaging an opponent for more than three hours or scrimmaging multiple opponents, failing to provide required rest following full-gear practice, exceeding the time limits for contact and exceeding the allowable time for daily practice. Since both schools opened their seasons Aug. 21, they were both allowed just one scrimmage. Bell County violated that rule by playing a second scrimmage Aug. 14. Taylor County canceled its second scrimmage scheduled for Aug. 14. Taylor County, which is coached by veteran Dudley Hilton, was fined an additional $300 for videotaping a future opponent without permission on Aug. 14, a violation of the KHSAA’s sportsmanship rules. “Though there are claims that this video was destroyed prior to use, it is nonetheless a documented violation,” the KHSAA said in its report. “As soon as we were made aware of the potential violation, we quickly investigated and unfortunately confirmed that it had happened,” Taylor County athletic director Jeff Gumm said. “We have not only been forthright and cooperative, we have directed all of the coaches within our athletic program to ensure this type of violation is not repeated.”
  6. Other team didn't break the rules because they didn't have a game week zero which allows you 2 scrimmages.
  7. This man has cheated everywhere he's been. Hell he's banned from NAIA coaching also. If any NAIA school hires him they automatically go on a 2 year probation period. They went from Eric graves who went by the book to Dudley Hilton who only cares about Dudley Hilton. I hope Cville walks the field with them Friday night. Can't stand a cheater
  8. Coach Hilton has been placed on 2 year probation and fined $2,000 by KHSAA for illegal football actins. He had illegal scrimmages as well as filming the Adair co scrimmage. It's getting deep in cardinal land. They never dreamed of being 0-2 and on probation to begin the season. Cville by as many as they want Friday night.
  9. Sounds like Dudley and the cardinals are going down hill pretty quick. Eagles will dominate this game from start to finish. Why are tensions at all time high??
  10. Sounds like a great weekend of high school football.
  11. If what I've heard about Cville's defense is true WC will have a very long night.
  12. Adair Co by at least a bakers dozen. Adair's speed will create mismatches and problems for the bigger and slower TC Cards.
  13. Tough spot for Cville for their first game. On the road very late start and Glasgow is a very tough program that has had good success of late. Very tough opener for Cville
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