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  1. That is the MO for both he and Goodin. What got me about the stripes was they called about 6 total fouls on both teams combined in the first half. In the second, they called around 40 total. I didn't notice a 34 foul discrepancy between the first and second halves of play.
  2. Yes, he and Sloan both seemed sluggish all night. That combined with the Doss shooting well (if I am remembering correctly at the half Doss was shooting around 60% vs. 30% for TC). And the rebounds. Made for a very long night for the Cards.
  3. That was an issue. Was there ever a whistle in a TC drive? I saw lots of contact but never a whistle.
  4. On paper, yes. But TC has a way of letting teams hang around that they shouldn't let hang around. It shouldn't be a close game but it may be more interesting than some think.
  5. Please keep in mind not everyone, myself included, is as in the loop as you are on this. Did they recruit Gaines, yes. Did Gaines recruitment raise scrutiny, of course it did. When you have the level of success that TC has had these past two years, other schools are going to look for anything they can do to derail you. After all the investigation, Gaines is playing tonight As for the vitriol, your post indicated a strong dislike for TC. Even though you are not a TC supporter, most would reasonably agree that TC has a relatively easy road to the final four. What I find interesting is the level of disgust for TC over Cox recruiting a kid. Recruiting occurs across the state not just at TC. There was even a thread devoted to that topic.
  6. That is a huge blow for Mason. I hate that for Pig!
  7. That would be disastrous if true, I hope it isn't!
  8. We will have to wait on Botswana to let us know, judging by the previous post, there is great vitriol for anything Taylor County.
  9. Very excited for tomorrow's game. I am looking forward to getting to watch Pig play. A big game from him would really help him as a prospect with the next level
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