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  1. 47 is Jameel Jones I believe. NCC played well to an 8-8 tie in regulation. Still plenty of work to do however.
  2. He made a heads up play that made a huge difference in the game. Nice play for his highlight reel.
  3. Uh maybe. Especially without Mr. Smith. Just hope to get out of it with few injuries.
  4. I did get to see it & you're right about playing until the whistle. But even Tucker said he thought it was a dead ball but ran anyway - because he didn't hear a whistle. Tough lesson but a valuable one if they learn from it.
  5. I thought NCC played well considering the lack of Smith. Scott had a ton of penalties. I still would like to see the film of the fumble return.
  6. 0-0 end of 1st quarter. Both teams looking to shake off the rust.
  7. Excited for the start of the season & tonight's game! Beautiful weather couldn't ask for better!!
  8. These are high schoolers. Of course it's possible. They can keep growing until about 22-24.
  9. Had to wait 2 years before Thomas More got their new home field only to see my boy christin it with the 1st touchdown!
  10. Shoot I was looking forward to playing on the new field. All in good time I suppose.
  11. Sounds like a young junior like my junior. Look forward to seeing him on Fri night.
  12. Lol thanks but I've seen it too often over the years & not just in sports.
  13. My heart sank when I heard this. It's tough anytime a team loses a member but tougher when the season is about to start. Please coaches, remind your players to be careful while out driving. Last season I saw some high school team members driving erratically after a practice. I understand their excitement & enthusiasm but every year there is a sad story about a young player losing their life way too early.
  14. KHSAA says check with your school's athletic administrator with any questions first. I think they are trying to cut down on parent emails. I had a baseball question & that is the route I had to take.
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