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  1. Bengals have no business winning this game... so they probably will.... lol! Bengals 23 - Jags 17
  2. I don’t think he’ll get Stafford money... I don’t think Stafford should’ve gotten Stafford money... lol!
  3. Didn’t say that... maybe ur not reading my posts.. I said there’s a case for both arguments... I just think my case is better... but keep the circle going...
  4. No, my reply has been that I’m not changing ur mind and you’re not changing mine... yet u still wanna post ur “facts”... that’s all I’ve said.
  5. Oh I agree with that totally... but one guy for sure blocked him and he keeps beating the drum... lol...
  6. No, but they are because they’re sick of his book long posts bringing nothing new to the table... just trying to prove he’s right all the time... which many of us think he’s 100 percent wrong and that isn’t changing... If u enjoy his circle posts... good for u.
  7. If your goal is to talk to yourself.. keep rolling... ur gonna set a record for being blocked... lol
  8. And in this thread, you’ve had at least 3 people, maybe more... basically say to you... we get it.. and we don’t care what you have to say on it anymore... it’s run it’s course.. you’re sticking to ur belief, which is cool... and we’ll stick with our beliefs... it’s all good.
  9. I said that there clearly is a case that can be made either way... but we’re all banging our heads against the wall, talking in circles.... because I see a stronger case to stick with Dalton and u see the opposite... all, I’ve been saying is, we get it... you’ve exhausted ur audience on this subject... that’s all.
  10. Not using Lewis.. again , I watched all of those games and I saw a QB that isn’t as good as Dalton... But let’s keep talking in circles.. it’s really productive and interesting for all who read these threads.. lol... For the record, do u support Dalton? lol! I don’t think anyone who reads these threads is clear on that... move on please. I said it many posts ago, you’re not bringing anything new to the table... myself and others are also stuck spewing out the same things too... this is a dead topic imo.
  11. McCarron hasn’t looked better... if he did, he’d be playing... it’s that simple. But you keep dreaming... lol! Wave that McCarron flag... I’m sure it’ll have an impact on the Bengals’ decision.
  12. Doesn’t matter anyway... unless Dalton gets injured... he’s Cincinnati’s QB for at least 4 more seasons imo... maybe more...
  13. Have you seen them side by side in practice? Running the same plays? The same drills? Etc... I have, many many many times... and every time I walked away thinking he was a less talented version of Dalton and that “is what he is”... There’s a reason Dalton went in round 2 and McCarron went in round 5... is it possible that McCarron was overlooked like Tom Brady? Maybe... but luckily for me and those that agree with me... the Bengals and the league as a whole see Dalton as the better QB... Such a shame this trade didn’t happen with the Browns, because it’d have been obvious after McCarron struggled with them just like most QB’s would... he wouldn’t “lift them up” to be a playoff team... they have far too many holes...
  14. Fair point... it was still a bad deal for the Raiders...
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