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  1. Definitely go pro...will sign above slot and get 4 yrs full scholarship
  2. Gonna be a battle for sure. 4 very good teams. I couldn't begin to predict it. One thing is certain...2 quality and tested teams will be heading to the regional tournament. I wish them all well. Its been a "nice" year in Ohio Co. Glad the weather is warmer...feels like 90 degrees.
  3. Unsure...hoping for the best. Whoever takes him will be getting a good one that projects very well. Kid has plenty of room for development physically. I like the fact that teams are looking for pitchers who are deceptive instead of just flame-throwers. Sure....gotta throw hard...gotta have quality breaking pitches. Just blasting gas at 94-95 will get you beat if you cant pitch. So...I dont know when, where, or with who.....we will see who wants him. There is certainly more than a little interest....
  4. It would be huge news. Owensboro has beaten us twice...2 shutouts. So...Ohio Co is a cinderella at best. I love the new format of the state tournament on different weekends. Big difference from the old days. It sure allows for a much different pitching strategy. My best example would be Campbell Co...who got hot a couple years ago and almost clipped St X in the finals. One can dream about such things happening to a small community.
  5. The kid is on a blistering pace---mound and at the plate for Ohio County High School this year. In terms of velocity, this lefty is on the rise since Tommy John surgery in August 2016. Finally healthy and strong, he broke the 90 barrier recently at a PG Showcase...officially. Unofficially, others have had him at 91-92. The breaking ball is sharp with depth at 76, and maybe his biggest improvement has been command and fastball movement. This kid is the real deal...and calm as they get on the bump. With a.79 ERA and averaging a little over 2Ks per inning (which have been purposefully kept at a low level), he is one of the best in the state by all accounts and evaluations from those who have seen him this yr. At the plate. he is among state stat leaders in batting average and slugging percentage. This LHH has got some bat speed though not recognized. The stands are filling up to see this kid and his team....Watch out for Ohio County! Might be surprised what they can do if they make it to Lexington.
  6. Record and strength of schedule among other things are indicators. It certainly is difficult with so many teams. They do a nice job.
  7. I don't mind a little bit of it....not a fan of chants or other nonsense. Umpires judgement as to when it crosses the line. Well-coached players can block it out easily.
  8. LOL. Honestly, I thought his stats were fairly noteworthy. I'm not seeing any other player in that many categories. It's early, and that pace would be tough for anyone to maintain. Let me know if you have a job opening though....haha.
  9. In Top 10 offensively as well in batting average and slugging %. 19th in On-base %. Mr. Baseball numbers!!!
  10. Awesome... Check out the Blaine Gillim kid....on several categories of hitting and Strikeouts. On fire so far!
  11. Update on Blaine Gillim ...22 2/3 innings with 47 Ks, 7 walks. This kid is in the zone. And, he is hitting .520. This kid is locked and loaded...
  12. In the young 2018 season, Blaine Gillim of the 3rd Region's Ohio County Eagles is making a big statement. That statement is he is healthy and ready to compete at a high level. Having been sidelined all of last year's high school season recovering from UCL surgery, there are always questions and concerns about the success and rehabilitation from such a serious surgery. It was a success thanks to the talents of Dr. Timothy Kremchek in Cincinnati and all of the hard work with excellent therapists and coaches. The results last summer & fall were tremendous, but this spring it appears he continues to get stronger and better in all aspects. With a totally healthy arm and enhanced strength, conditioning, and mechanics, Gillim is putting up some ridiculous number thus far. In 3 outings, he has accumulated 13 2/3 innings racking up 33 strikeouts against only 6 walks. Last night, he had 14K through 5 innings, and even with a chance to tie the most strikeouts in a single game in the history of the KHSAA, pitch count and doctors orders prevailed at the end of the 5th. Aside from a excellent fastball that has upper 80s juice and movement, the kid has developed other pitches along the way to add to his arsenal. There is hope to integrate a cut fastball and change-up more often and with confidence in the future. Its a never-ending process as true baseball people know. The expectations are always extremely high for a pitcher like Gillim, however, the young man handles that pressure and the game with confidence, humbleness, and fierce competitiveness. Feeling strong and totally healthy for the first time in few years, despite putting up great numbers in those years not only for Ohio County but the Scorpions (in Florida), he strives to improve with steady work ethic on a daily basis. Looking forward to what the future holds for the young man and so many others in the 3rd Region.....and throughout the great state of Kentucky. Best of luck to everyone this season. Take care.
  13. I was surprised to see Haire go that many pitches this early, but then again, I have no doubt he was prepared to handle it. Great kid, and I know he competes and works hard. Like I said, I saw a good team that turned a couple doudle plays and hit with runners in scoring position. We will play better and adjust. Great thing about these games....it's about developing and achieving at a higher level. Look forward to the next one. Gonna be a fun year for you guys....I believe you guys will win a bunch.
  14. Our defense struggled and didn't hit at all, but I give the credit to Haire...did a great job on the mound. Stroked a double to left too. I like this Owensboro team alot....I expect we will play better....don't want to be too critical early but it's also not an excuse. Owensboro was flat out the better team all around
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