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  1. Prayers from Nicholas Co. And Umpire Scot Allison. Terrible loss for the Brossart family and his family along with the Brossart family ..will be in our prayers..
  2. When Coach Allison took over at Clark Co. that was one of the nicest playing surfaces in the State. Smooth infield, homeplate cutout at home to blend in with the field. Class act all the way around. been there a couple of times since and its not so much of what it used to be when he was there.
  3. Nicholas jumped out to a 27-4 lead and never looked back..
  4. 7 Rockcastle 5 Ballard 3 Oldham Co. 2 Bryan St 1 North Laurel TB Rockcastle
  5. 7 Henry Clay 5 Madison Central 3 Dunbar 2 Rockcastle 1 Perry Co Central Tiebreaker- Rockcastle
  7. I've seen a lot of teams come in to St Pats little gym.... That's a hard gym for any road team to play in!!
  8. Im under the assumption that's what happened on the shot... the ball was released prior to the contact....I was just going on what the case book ruling is... didnt see much else about it anywhere else in the book..
  9. According to the case book the correct ruling on a blarge and one.. You count the basket call a double foul and give the ball to the other team from point of interruption.........4.19.8. A1 and B1 foul each other at the same time. Contact occurs during (a) live ball situation or (b) dead ball situation.... Ruling in (a) it's a double personal foul and in (b) it's a double technical... No free throws are awarded in A or B and play resumes from point of interruption.
  10. Had this very situation in game mentioned above also. Was called O&B but didn't appear the inbounding team had possession ball was batted away into the backcourt It is O&B reason being if all 10 players are in front court. The offensive team has already established team control. So if the offensive team is taking the ball out of bounds and they try to throw it long and the offensive team touches the throw and it goes into back court it is O&B....That's gonna be a tough one for coaches to understand but that is the rule...
  11. Good Game...Paris had more penalty yards in one game than I have ever seen. I hate to be the one to say this cause I know Paris is trying to get that winning tradition back but evidently Nicholas Co. is the best team they have played this year by far or Nicholas had Paris scouted really well..Paris just didn't seem that good to me so makes me think of going back and looking at there schedule they really haven't played anybody with the caliber team that Nicholas co had.. All in All a Win is a Win..Congrats go out to the Undefeated Hounds.
  12. I look for this to be a pretty evenly matched game. This may be the game Nicholas wins and there not supposed to. Be a good matchup Fri night.
  13. Campbell vs Harrison Mason vs Bourbon Paris vs Augusta Pendleton vs Scott OR Pendelton vs Scott Mason vs Bourbon Paris vs Harrison Campbell vs Augusta
  14. That is correct... Johnson Central was not allowed to come in case of the weather... So GRC/Nicholas girls game will start at 1245
  15. 11:00 Buckhorn vs Johnson Central 1245 Nicholas vs GRC Girls 230. Robertson Co vs Belfry 415. Nicholas vs Russell Boys 530 Montgomery vs Henry Clay
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