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  1. What a joke. I guess the powers to be in Bracken co. And Augusta just traded head aches.
  2. Big challenge playing 5 3A schools. For a small Class A school.
  3. Nicholas co plays Fairview on 9/6 at Nicholas Co. Be hard for Nicholas Co. To continue thier winning ways with that schedule.
  4. There are several factors that lead up to the lower attendance. One being cost, two being students from non playing teams dont attend, three even basketball coaches dont go because now they have to use thier sick days or personal days. One thing also is how teams are made up from All Star teams you dont have the community support.
  5. Well if the 10th region keeps expanding into Northern Ky. That may be a possibility. I am a old 10th region guy, the Fieldhouse is a special place. Bring back the old 10th Region, teams Like Fleming Co., Bath Co., and Estill Co. Put districts back the way they were in the 70's and 80's.
  6. Be nice to see Daniel Brown get to the State Tournament.
  7. It wouldn’t have changed the outcome but Nicholas would have put more points on the board if Davenport and Switzer would have played. Let’s get healthy for a Class A run!
  8. Maybe this big win will ease the natives of Robertson Co. Rumor is that they are not happy with Kelch.
  9. Even though Mason Co. Is down this would be a good win for RC. Hope the Devels can pull it out.
  10. Davenport and Switzer have worked very hard in the off season and continue to work on the little things. Nicholas has some rough football players that came out that has helped. The season is a work in progress. Still be patient and good things will happen down the road.
  11. Great win for the Young Jackets. This will help boost their confidence hopefully. Nicholas is young main two scores are soph. in Davenport and Switzer once Plank gets in better shape Nicholas will have 3 guys that can put it in the basket. The others on the team no their roles and coach Botner has done a good job getting them to understand that. Still some rough games ahead but a good win for Nicholas.co.
  12. I wish Robertson Co. All the luck this season. It is great to see small schools be able to compete with the larger schools. They will have a great year but before we put them up with the top of the region they must prove it against better competition on a weekly basis. Looking back to last year and this year they have only beaten one real good team and that was Paris in 18. They have the talent and coaching but you must prove it with quality wins. We are rooting for ya but go get some good wins.
  13. That is True. Nicholas vs. West at 6 and Fleming vs. Bath County At 8.
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