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  1. That is your opinion, its always easier in the stands. I would be willing to bet I know Coach Stamm much better than you and we certainly weren't watching the same game then.
  2. Very unimpressed with this post nicely slamming a coaching staff. I did not see anything different from the staff that we have not seen all year. They are not an animated staff and they let the girls play for the most part. A timeout to you in the stands may have been what "you" thought was necessary. Before the Technical at no point was Conner out of the game so why blow the timeout with a Veteran Team? What I saw was a Conner team that struggle to finish baskets, not sure I have seen this team miss that many shots. Dixie came out and controlled the game and played the perfect game they needed to win. It happens! The coaching staff did not lose this game for Conner, Dixie executed and Conner did not. Conner had a great season and 1 night should not define that season. Did it end in the result they were looking for, no but it was a darn good season.
  3. Four posts in and everyone is talking about Ryle? How about we give Conner credit for being a good team who beat another good team. Believe it or not this region is more than a one horse race. Congrats to Conner for a well played and executed game!
  4. Possibly but JV championships do not mean Varsity Championships. Not saying it cannot happen just making a general statement.
  5. Fair enough, and yes that coach should be let go for that if indeed that happened.
  6. I know nothing about any of this but if a fight broke out between players at practice why would you fire the coach just on that alone? Shouldn't you fire him for the way he handled it not because two kids got in a fight? He can't control the fact they went at it but he can control how it was broken up and handled thereafter? Simple saying he should be fired because it happened doesn't make sense. Again, I know nothing of the situation. I would just hate for me as a Coach in another sport at another school be fired because a kid did something stupid that I couldn't control.
  7. I meant June 24th! Apparently I am a month ahead!
  8. One month from now on July 24th will you be able to tell me the details of this game? You guys are taking a fun game the really means nothing in the grand scheme of things and turning into an argument. Who Cares! You can't put every player in the state on it, they had tryouts and of those that were at tryouts this is who they choose. I am good with it and think they all are deserving.
  9. Panda- I respect you and your opinions and agree with you that he is a good coach. He is a great teacher of the fundamentals and I would trust him with my team any time. However, in general I do not like the comparison of HS coaching to AAU coaching. High school 90% of the time you are dealt a hand and you have to play it. AAU 100% of the time you select the kids that best fit your style and needs, those kids are easy to coach and produce results.
  10. While those may solicit a WOW, what i heard is not from said list.
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